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Council Tax

Students on most full-time courses do not have to pay Council Tax - but you must provide evidence that you are exempt to your council.

Local authorities collect Council Tax to pay for services like policing and rubbish collection. There is 1 bill for each home.

You can claim exemption from Council Tax if you are:

  • under 18
  • under 20 and on a Further Education course that is at least 12 hours study per week and lasts at least 3 months
  • any age and studying a course that is at least 21 hours study per week and lasts at least 1 year.

You may still have to pay Council Tax if you own your home and don't live alone, or have a higher legal interest than the other residents in the property.

Read a list of people who are exempt from paying Council Tax.

Get an exemption letter

Your council will not accept that you are exempt from paying Council Tax until you tell them. You can do this by providing them with a personalised Council Tax exemption letter/certificate from UAL.

Once you have your letter, share it with your council using the method shown on their website. Find your local council website.

Download your letter

Most students can get an exemption letter on UAL Portal.

Note: you may not be able to do this during the summer vacation.

Contact your College

You can also get a Council Tax exemption letter from your College administration office.

If requesting your letter by e-mail, include your full name, student ID number, term time address, accommodation type (for example, shared flat or owned house), name and year of your course.

Camberwell College of Arts


Call: +44(0)2075 142 106

Chelsea College of Arts

Call: +44(0)2075 147 820

Central Saint Martins:


Call: +44(0)2075 147 202

London College of Communication


Call: +44(0) 2075 146 599

London College of Fashion


Call: +44(0)2075 147 461

Wimbledon College of Arts


Call: +44(0)2075 149 641

Exemption period

You will start being exempt from paying Council Tax on the date your course officially starts until it ends, which is the last day of term.

You remain exempt during the summer holidays between each academic year of your course. Students on placement years, and those who are taking time out of their course, are also exempt.

Between Further Education and undergraduate courses

If you are 18 or 19, you won't have to pay Council Tax until 1 November following the end of your Further Education course or until your 20th birthday - whichever comes first. This applies where your course ends after 30 April. You will need to provide proof of age and attendance to your council.

If you start an undergraduate course that's also exempt from Council Tax within this time, then you'll stay exempt until you complete that course.

Never ignore a bill

If you receive a Council Tax bill and you think it is incorrect, contact your local council immediately to check what the issue is.

If you fail to respond to a bill or a reminder letter, it can have serious legal and financial consequences, even if you are exempt.