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The Chaplaincy Service at University of the Arts London (UAL) offers pastoral and spiritual care to students and staff. The chaplains also organise events and activities in relation to faith, spirituality and the arts.

Pastoral care is a model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in many cultures and traditions.

The chaplains recognise that every human being has moments when they ask fundamental spiritual questions like: "What does this mean? Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? What is my destination?"

Meeting a chaplain

The chaplains can meet students at each of the College sites, and can also provide telephone and email support. They welcome being contacted by people of all faiths, spiritual and religious beliefs, including those who are atheist or agnostic or who do not align themselves with any philosophy.

UAL students are invited to speak to the chaplains about anything which is on their mind at any point during their studies, and the chaplains can also help at times when students are depressed, feeling under pressure, dealing with loss or bereavement or when, for any reason, they feel like they can’t cope.

Appointments and enquiries

To arrange a meeting with a chaplain, or to make a general enquiry, students should use the telephone or email contact details on this page. Prospective students who are thinking of studying at the University and who would like to speak to a chaplain can also get in touch before they apply.

Celebrating diversity

The 2 Anglican chaplains at UAL are part of a wider network of Chaplains that support London universities. As Church of England priests, they draw from the resources of the Anglican tradition and they interpret these in contemporary contexts. This enables them to serve the needs of the varied individuals and communities that make up UAL.

The chaplains are active participants in the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy, which seeks to address inequality and celebrate diversity in order to sustain an accessible and inclusive environment for all, especially in terms of age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender (or trans), nationality, race, religious belief (or no belief), sexual orientation and socio-economic class.

The chaplains also work with a number of advisors from other specific faiths, who students can speak to and meet with. The contact details for these faith advisors can be found on the University Intranet - search for "faith advisors" -  and at

Creativity and the arts

The chaplains have a strong interest in creativity and the University’s teaching subject areas. They believe that creativity is related to prayer and healing, viewed as coming from the same spiritual source, but which can be expressed in many different ways.

This perspective informs the chaplaincy’s work with individuals, and also inspires a range of different events and activities relating to faith, spirituality and creativity, which the chaplains organise for University students and staff. Details of these are available on the University intranet - search for "chaplaincy" - and at

Contact us

William Whitcombe
07872 816157

William is based at High Holborn, London College of Communication, and London College of Fashion

Mark Dean
07843 329587

Mark is based at Camberwell, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea and Wimbledon

Urgent appointments
020 7514 6251

For full access and route guides to all our sites visit DisabledGo