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Information for Applicants

Information on our Equal Opportunites policy, as well as advice for disabled students, international students, and students who are under the age of 18.

Information about Equal Opportunities

We are proud of our diverse student communities and are committed to ensuring all our halls are an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

The University's Strategy and our Equal Opportunities Policy set out our commitment to promote equality and diversity on the grounds of age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender, nationality, race, religious belief (or no belief), sexual orientation, socio-economic class or trans. More detailed information for students with specific requirements can be found on our Student Diversity page.

Information for students under 18

Any student under the age of 18 at the start of their contract will be required to sign a duty of care agreement.

If you are resident at one of the University managed halls (Brooke Hall, Cordwainers Court, Gardens House, Glassyard Building, Highline Building, Portland House, Sketch House or Will Wyatt Court), you can download the Duty of Care policy by clicking on the link below.

Residents of other halls will be provided with an agreement from their accommodation provider.

UAL Duty of Care policy 2017 -18 (66.9 KB).pdf

Information for disabled students

The University is committed to promoting equal opportunities and access, and we will try our best to arrange suitable facilities and support for students with disabilities (mental, physical or unseen).

In order to better prepare you for your hall application, please see our dedicated page for students with disabilities that provides a full list of our halls and what facilities they house.

If you have a sensory or physical impairment, a medical or mental health condition or an autism spectrum disorder, this might affect where you need to live e.g. you may need to live close to your college or need access to specific facilities (ensuite bathroom, visual/vibrating alarm, step free access or parking).

Please ensure that you complete your application form detailing the nature of your requirements and we will do our best to find you appropriate accommodation.

Further assistance

If you do require any of the facilities/services above, or if you require anything in your accommodation that has not been mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us direct on 020 7514 6240 or email

Alternatively, you can talk to the University's Disability Team at:

Central Disability Team
Student Centre
University of the Arts London
1st Floor, 272 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EY

Phone: 020 7514 6156
Fax: 020 7514 6219

Information for international students

We prioritise applications from international students and applicants from outside the European Union (EU) are guaranteed a place in one of our halls for their first year of study in London, provided that we receive your application for accommodation by 1 June. We endeavour to give students one of their five preferences.

Find out more below about our Airport Collection Service and Presessional Academic English Programme as well as handy advice before you arrive.

Airport Collection Service

The University offers a free taxi service for all international students from outside the EEA arriving in London for the first time. We will arrange for a taxi to collect you from your London arrival airport and take you to your accommodation. You can find out more and apply for this service once you have confirmed your accommodation. Please note it is important to book at least three days in advance of your arrival date.

Presessional Academic English Programme

If you are studying our Presessional Academic English Programme before your college course begins, you can stay in one of our halls of residence.

For more information please read the Presessional guide below, then apply online for a place in our halls.

UAL Pressesional Guide 2019 (674 KB)

Presessional students are usually offered rooms in the following halls:

You can also apply to stay in our other halls if rooms become available.

From the end of June, rooms are also reserved at Gardens House for Presessional students to book. You can read more information and make a reservation now on our Summer Stays booking system.

What to expect

The practical and legal aspects of living in accommodation in the UK may be very different from what you are used to at home. For example, if you are going to stay in Emily Bowes Court, you will need to provide a UK-based guarantor. Otherwise, you may need to pay your rent in full and in advance.

What to bring with you

You may find it cheaper to buy most of your essentials in the UK instead of shipping them from your country. Bear in mind that electrical equipment from your home country may not be suitable for use in the UK. If you do send a shipment from home, you must be in the UK to receive it, as there are no storage facilities in the halls of residence if it arrives before you do.

Staying safe

Like living in any big city, it is important to be street-smart. The British Council have prepared a helpful guide called Creating Confidence to staying safe and feeling more confident when you arrive here. There's also lots of useful info on our dedicated Halls Life platform.

Help with choosing your accommodation

The International Accommodation Advisor in our team supports international students with finding a place to live in London. The International Accommodation Advisor is based at the UAL Asia Branch Office in Hong Kong, where our staff speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

International Accommodation Advisor:
Tel: +852 2155 4207
(GMT +8 hours)

When to book your flight

It is a good idea to wait until you have accepted your accommodation offer before you book your flight to the UK. If you plan to arrive in the UK before the start of your accommodation contract, you may need to arrange short-term accommodation until your move-in date or check with your hall whether you can move in early.