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Art and Design

UAL Awarding Body's Art and Design qualifications enable students to experiment and develop. Students completing these qualifications will explore materials, methods and processes as they build a portfolio of work. These qualifications prepare students for further study or employment in industries including visual communication, fashion, fine art and 3D design.

We offer Art and Design qualifications at Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. As a current or prospective UAL Awarding Body tutor or centre, you can explore our range below or look at our resources to learn more about delivering them.

Work by Suzanna Rusak, Barnsley College
Work by Suzanna Rusak, Barnsley College

Level 1 Award and Diploma in Art, Design & Media

This qualification provides students who are intrigued and motivated by art and design with opportunities to explore, develop and test their creativity.

Brightly coloured painting
Artwork by Ella Rooney from Milton Keynes College

Level 2 Award and Diploma in Art & Design

Students have the opportunity to explore the materials, methods and processes that support art and design activities.

Painting of decorative toffee apples
Painting by Megan Parker, Hereford College

Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art & Design

Teach your students how to develop and test their creativity as they complete this stimulating and supportive qualification.

Reading College
Reading College

Level 3 Applied General Diploma in Art and Design

Read more about how this 'Applied General' qualification provides post-16 students with the skills necessary to progress academically or professionally.

Work by Dulcie Boote - Arts Uni Bournemouth
Work by Dulcie Boote - Arts Uni Bournemouth, L3 FAD. Copyright Eva Clifford

Level 3 and Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Learn about how this new qualification enables students to transition from a general education to specialist creative education.

Drawings of clothing on model
Artwork by Daniele Tonatti

Level 3 and 4 Diploma in Art & Design - Foundation Studies

Read more about how this qualification extends the learners’ critical independence by encouraging exploration and risk-taking.

Student drawing at Reading College of Art
Reading College of Art photo by Liz Carrington

Art and design resources

We've provided important resources and guidance to help Centres deliver our art and design qualifications.