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Textiles Senior Lecturer Melanie Bowles publishes ‘Print, Make, Wear: Creative Projects for Digital Textile’

Print Make Wear, Front Cover
Print Make Wear, Front Cover
© Agnese Sanvito, Print, Make, Wear: Creative Projects for Digital Textile
Written by
Isabelle Gressel
Published date
21 April 2015

Chelsea Senior Lecturer in Digital Textiles Design Melanie Bowles, in partnership with The People’s Print, has published a new book ‘Print, Make, Wear: Creative Projects for Digital Textile’ last month. The book features 14 original projects that will inspire readers to create their own digitally printed textile designs.

Previously the preserve of professional designers or fashion and textile colleges, digital printing is now available in high-street bureaus, where anyone can send a file to be printed on the material of their choice, ready to make and wear. Using the tools taught in this book, a reader can easily learn to create their individual and unique designs.

The digital print techniques illustrated in this book are inspired by traditional handcrafts such as patchwork and embroidery which can now be brought to life by utilising computer software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Through 14 easy-to-follow projects jam packed with illustrations, the reader can start to make their own printed textiles in no time.

Print, Make, Wear. p. 12/13

Print, Make, Wear. p. 12/13

We caught up with Melanie to find out a bit more about the book.

How would you describe this book in one sentence?

It is a complete DIY design book to Print, Make and Wear your own bespoke garments!

What inspired you to make the book?

I am inspired by making digital textile design accessible to everyone, the amateur, the student and professional. With the growth of digital print bureaus it is possible now to print small print runs with your own designs and make your own garment or product.

The book promotes the digital textile industries as well as investing in people’s creativity, giving them the vision, tools and inspiration to create beautiful, bespoke products for themselves that they will love and wear!

It creates a system of sustainable design which moves away from fast fashion and mass production and empowers the consumer to become the designer of their own textile prints, ready to Print Make & Wear.

Having worked in digital and traditional textiles, what do you find unique about the digital form?

I enjoy working translating traditional techniques using digital software, it engages us in the narrative of traditional textiles but within a contemporary context.

Print, Make, Wear. p.50/51

Print, Make, Wear. p.50/51

We congratulate Melanie on this fantastic new publication! Following its launch last month, the book is now available on the Laurence King website as well as high-street and online bookstores.

This will be the second book that Melanie releases through creative arts publisher Laurence King Publishing, following the success of ‘Digital Textile Design’ in 2012.

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