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Student Profile: Nina Line, FdA Interior Design

Image courtesy of Nina Line
Image courtesy of Nina Line
Image courtesy of Nina Line
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07 August 2015

Today we caught up with 2nd Year FdA Interior Design student Nina Line to talk to her about her work and her time at Chelsea.

Describe your experience at Chelsea in 3 words.    

Challenging, experimental, and supportive.

What do you enjoy most about studying at Chelsea?         

I really enjoy the freedom to express my ideas in any medium, and being pushed to think outside of the box. Having access to the different workshops also allows us to experiment and test ideas and concepts, which is so important.

Where do you live at the moment and what do you enjoy most about being in London?

I live quite close to Chelsea in Pimlico, which makes it easy to access school and the rest of London because it’s so central.

My favourite thing about London is that even though it’s quite a large city it feels really personal, like a small town. Every area has its own little quirks and character, so no matter where you go there’s something new to see and experience.

What has been your greatest challenge so far on the course and how have you overcome it?    

 The most challenging thing for me has been group work, and I have found that the best way to overcome any difficulties is through communication and compromise. Even though sometimes it can be hard to work on a project with other people, it’s really important to learn skills like listening, leadership, and cooperation.

Nina Line 2

Image courtesy of Nina Line

What have been your greatest achievements during your time at Chelsea?         

At the end of the first year my class’ projects were published by Soapbox Press in the book ‘Comfort Zone’. All of our work was also exhibited at the Undergraduate Summer Show 2015. I was also accepted as an intern at two of my favourite design companies, and worked for one of these over the summer.

What do you see yourself doing after you graduate?         

After I graduate this course I would like to continue on to bridge onto the 3rd year of the BA Interior and Spatial Design course at Chelsea, and then possibly on to the MA Interior & Spatial Design course. In the future I hope to work for a design firm in London or New York.

What would you say to someone considering studying at Chelsea?

The FdA course is perfect for anyone who wants to test out if interior and spatial design is really what they want to pursue because it allows you to express your ideas in a really personal, creative way while teaching you the skills you need in the field. It’s important to stay really open to new methods and approaches so that you can learn as much as possible.

See more of Nina’s work on her website:

Image courtesy of Nina Line

Image courtesy of Nina Line