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One Year On: Sisters From Another Mister – MA Fine Art Graduates

Campbell McConnell. BA Fine Art. Central Saint Martins. 2018. Still from video: Campbell McConnell.
Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
20 August 2015

As we approach the Chelsea Postgraduate Summer Show 2015, which opens on 3 September, we thought we’d catch up with graduates from last year to find out what they have been up to.

In this post, we catch up with MA Fine Art 2014 graduates Amelia and Milda A.K.A ‘Sisters from another Mister’, as part of our ‘One Year On’ series.

It has been one year since you graduated – what have you been up to?
Graduation feels both as if it was yesterday and at the same time miles away. Since graduation we have moved house and studio; from a semi-underground church crypt to the 4th floor of a council building with sunset view. No middle grounds, please!

Our hairs have grown and our bikes have aged. We have kept doing work: we have ‘frosted and defrosted’ a group show with peer graduates from various universities in an empty shop in Southwark.


How has your practice developed since graduating?
After graduation you try to confirm what you have achieved throughout your degree. It is a matter of keeping doing work and discovering methodologies and mediums you want to further explore.

Our research wants to explore the use of video as a tool in its raw form: minimal editing and single shots. The editing tool is used as a form of decoupage and/or of image clipping, to construct layers and scenarios of meta-narratives, set in a space of in-betweeness of liquidity, a space where time is stretched or indeed where time can be a multiple. At the same time a place that can also be seen as a mise-en-scene, like the theatre stage; where portals and framing devices allure you into what can be seen as a para-reality.

In that space of surreal entity we look at transitional time, like theatre scene changes – the traffic jams of theatre asking us to hang about in the dark while actors move house. Similarly when looking at a TV screen, we imagine what is beyond the frame, where does the body disappear? How can the images overlap each other, to the point of exiting the television frame and embody other forms: sculptural and physical?

Have you taken part in any projects/collaborations/exhibitions over the past year?
As well as what we have mentioned above, we have worked on a commission for Pullman Hotel St. Pancras, ‘Anthias’, where we enjoyed the wonders of underwater filming, saunas and hotel lobbies.

We are currently working on two collaborations with two choreographers which are taking place in Switzerland and London. Here we merge our artistic practice with staged dance pieces and are able to expand our research into the body, theatre and new media and how they come together in our installations.

We are also looking forward to meeting Fanny (the funny Swiss girl who showed amazing painting next to us at our degree show) in Geneva in September for a show that she is organizing (Fanny hope you are reading this…)

After the summer we will start working at TATE as ‘invited artists’, devising and creating workshops for youngsters; very much excited to share some selfies…

How did you find the Summer Show experience last year?
The summer show was lots of work but also good fun. The process towards it is as important as the show in itself. Grilling on the parade ground and working in the studios till security would kick you out.

Is there any advice you would like to give to our current or prospective MA Fine Art students?


Join us at the opening of the Postgraduate Summer Show 2015 at Chelsea on 3 September.  Find out more about the event and exhibition opening times on the event page.

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