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One Year On: Matt Ferguson – MA Graphic Design Communication

Matt Ferguson – Pandora’s Box
Matt Ferguson – Pandora’s Box
Matt Ferguson – Pandora’s Box
Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
26 August 2016

Matt Ferguson graduated from MA Graphic Design Communication in 2015. He tells us what he’s been up to as part of our One Year On series.

Matt Ferguson - Visual Diary 8

Matt Ferguson – Visual Diary 8

What have you been up to since you graduated?            

I’ve been lecturing part time at Kingston College and working freelance as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Tell us about your practice, how has it developed since graduating?     

I have been working on more design based projects with a start up fashion brand, working on logo designs and look books. In terms of illustration I’ve been freelancing for magazines and selling work online, including some editorial work for London of College of Communication’s Artefact.

Matt Ferguson - Visual Diary 7

Matt Ferguson – Visual Diary 7

What are you currently working on?     

I’ve been creating new t-shirt designs based around places I’ve lived abroad including Korea and Japan. I plan to expand this to a range of different countries I’d like to visit, attempting to capture key themes in each image. Additionally I’ve been keeping a ‘visual diary’, illustrating events in my life each week in a landscape format with a short description/anecdote.

Matt Ferguson - Japan

Matt Ferguson – Japan

What are your future plans?              

My future plans are to continue lecturing. I’m starting a part time PGCE in September in Further Education, with an aim to lecture more seriously whilst continuing to freelance as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Tell us about your time at Chelsea, what do you miss? What did you enjoy the most?  

I miss all the opportunities to get involved in other things. Chelsea has a range of fantastic options for collaborating between courses and UAL, and I took advantage of everything that came up whilst I was there.

Matt Ferguson - Korea

Matt Ferguson – Korea

What is the most important thing you learned on the course?  

To stay open minded and to not say no to anything. Even if you feel you lean towards a particularly specialism it’s still really important to break out and work in other areas.

I’m probably more of an illustrator than a graphic designer, but collaborating at Chelsea allowed me to work on design research with the NHS and produce a board game for Battersea Arts Centre. Reaching out and working across disciplines is the best way to further your practice and get work opportunities.

What advice would you give to our students who are about to graduate?           

Don’t restrict yourself and don’t give up. Things are difficult now and will continue to be for some time, but if you can adapt and reach out into as many different areas as possible you will eventually find yourself in relevant work. It’s easy to become discouraged but if you can manage to stay motivated in your practice things will eventually happen.

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