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One Year On: Danial Ismail – MA Interior & Spatial Design Graduate

Danial Ismail 2
Danial Ismail 2

Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
26 August 2015

Chelsea MA Interior & Spatial Design (ISD) 2014 graduate Danial Ismail tells us about life ‘One Year On’.

How has your practice developed since graduating?

Before my MA course at Chelsea, my working environment was always separated from the art studios and was a very technically based environment. It was a very different experience at Chelsea – being together with fine art, graphic design and other studios in one building – and I began to be inspired artistically from both tutors and students alike.

My practice has evolved to assimilate new artistic approaches with different methods of making as well. Research became a critical part of my projects and it helped me set a high standard in my practice. It helped me achieve greater depth in my design and having strong narratives as a whole.

Danial Ismail 1

A piece from the ‘Furnitecture’ Collection. Image courtesy of Danial Ismail

How did you find the Summer Show experience last year?

My summer show experience was great and the facilities at Chelsea really helped me prepare for my final show. The workshops were excellent and the staff helped me a lot.

As one of the curating team for the MA ISD summer show, I gained much appreciated experience in planning and curating our department’s show alongside my classmates.

We learned that planning out work as early as possible before the final show is key, as it will get really busy coming up to show time. A well-planned exhibition is always a much better environment to show off your work properly.

It has been one year since you graduated – what have you been up to?

Within the last year since graduation, I have started my own design office called Capitecture Design Bureau which is currently operating in Malaysia and Turkey. My major practice is interior architecture, however I have always believed in interdisciplinary work and with my office I do a wide range of design projects from private residential to smartphone applications.

Have you taken part in any projects/collaborations/exhibitions over the past year?

Since last year I have worked on designing and establishing my own furniture design collection ‘Furnitecture’ which is basically a furniture collection that emphasizes architectural components such as structural and material aspects that are extracted and applied to a smaller scale object such as an item of furniture.

I am also currently working on a project for Kastamonu University in Turkey to design their chancellor’s office interior scheme.

And my final research project from Chelsea “Instant Mihrab” which was an interactive ornamental wall installation was accepted for a conference in Amsterdam, which will be held in mid-August this year.

Danial Ismail 3

Spawn City, London 2014. Image courtesy of Danial Ismail

Is there any advice you would like to give to our current or prospective MA Interior and Spatial Design students?

Appreciate the things you learn from studio mates and tutors, they will be very valuable as you venture into your career. Use the college’s facilities as much as you can and explore your design and making skills to the maximum. Be sure to make international connections with other students as well, it may lead to great things in the future.

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