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One Year On: Ann-Sophie Maeyaert – MA Graphic Design Communication Graduate

Work by Ann-Sophie Maeyaert
Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
02 September 2015

Ann-Sophie Maeyaert graduated from MA Graphic Design Communication in 2014. She tells us about her internship with an international gallery, freelance design work with fashion companies and working as a junior designer at B3 Designers.

It has been one year since you graduated – what have you been up to?
Since graduating I completed an internship at the international Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which specialises in design-art.  Alongside this, I’ve been involved in some freelance work, mostly with fashion companies.

I also spend a lot of my time working on my portfolio and looking for an exciting studio, where I would be able to combine my skills in both interior architecture and graphic design.  For a couple of months now,  I’ve been working as a  junior designer at B3 Designers, an architectural interior design company specialising in restaurant interiors and branding.


MA Graphic Design Communication Summer Show 2014.

How has your practice developed since studying?
Having previously studied towards being an interior architect for four years, I have only had one year’s experience in Graphic Design Communication through studying my masters at Chelsea. Typography and other typical graphic aspects are areas I continue to learn about. I feel I learned a lot during my internship and I am still learning everyday, on every level.


Place Aubecq (detail), image courtesy of Ann-Sophie Maeyaert

How did you find the Summer Show experience last year?
Last year we graduated with a smaller and more intimate class. We had our show in Chelsea’s Triangle Space, an exciting, unique and positively challenging space. I got the opportunity to design and curate the exhibition, with the help of my classmates, which was great.

The Summer Show was an ideal moment to reflect on the past year, as well as marking a clear beginning for our professional careers. It was really useful to get feedback from a range of different artists and designers that week. This feedback is something I can continue to utilise in my design practice.


Place Aubecq (detail), image courtesy of Ann-Sophie Maeyaert

Is there any advice you would like to give our current or prospective MA Graphic Design Communication students?
During an MA you’re discovering and developing your own identity. I would recommend embracing it as a chance to do your own thing and explore different paths, utilising all the resources that Chelsea has to offer.

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