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Life at Chelsea: Molly Burdett – BA Graphic Design Communication


Written by
Natalie Anastasiou
Published date
13 June 2018

In the lead up to the 2018 Undergraduate Summer Show, we interview graduating students about their life at Chelsea and how their learning experience has shaped their practice. Originally from Suffolk, BA Graphic Design Communication student Molly Burdett’s project for the degree show challenges stereotypes of the male orientated sport of pigeon racing through a social documentary.

How your work has developed during your time at Chelsea?

My work has developed hugely since being at Chelsea, I now have a love for film and art direction, which I didn’t have any knowledge about before starting the course.

What are you working on for the degree show?

A short documentary film studying one of the last working class pigeon racing communities in London, exploring the problems that the sport and community face today. The film analyses the traditionally all male orientated sport, looking at why there are less women involved with pigeon racing. This fits into the wider themes of how the sport demonstrates the complexities of working class masculinity and explores the conventional stereotypes of the roles of male and female in domestic spheres and in sports. Pigeon racing has been a largely overlooked sport, the film aims to change people’s opinions of the sport.

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What have your influences been for your work for the degree show?

My influences for my final project have been centered on researching into social realism and subcultures.

In what ways has the studio environment informed your practice during your time at Chelsea?

The environment at Chelsea is a great place to work, everyone is friendly and helpful and the space itself is light and inspiring.

Have you worked on any external projects during your time at Chelsea? 

I have had a variety of internships over the past couple of years. I have completed a few internships in the film industry, fashion and design studios. This has really helped to inform my practice creatively and also improve my knowledge of different industries.

What have you enjoyed the most about studying and living in London?

I enjoy having so much amazing art and culture right on my door step.

Who or what has been your biggest influence during your time at Chelsea?

At Chelsea you have the freedom to explore so many different avenues of graphic design communication without feeling restricted.

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What are your ambitions following graduation?

I hope to get a job in the film industry and in the process work on building my up portfolio and contact list.

What makes your proud to be a Chelsea student?

Chelsea’s reputation is held at such high esteem for good reason.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing your course? Any advice for new students?

It is the best course for exploring graphic design communication in its broadest sense. You have the ability to express your full potential with the help of lovely tutors and great facilities.

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