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Life at Chelsea: Danai Batskou – Graduate Diploma Interior Design


Written by
Natalie Anastasiou
Published date
14 June 2018

In the lead up to the 2018 Undergraduate Summer Show, we interview graduating students about their life at Chelsea and how their learning experience has shaped their practice. Originally from Greece, Graduate Diploma Interior Design student Danai Batskou’s project for the degree show focuses on coffee shop design, inspired by city life.

Describe your time at Chelsea in 3 words

Freedom, Art, Design

Please tell us how your work has developed during your time at Chelsea

Coming to Chelsea as a mechanical engineer with mostly technical skills, I have learnt how to reflect, observe and visualise my ideas and also how to work with new materials in the workshops.

What are you working on for the degree show?

My project for the degree show is part of creating my own business in Brighton. I created the design for a coffee shop and also designed a brewer set.

A drawing of a coffee making kit and instructions

What have your influences / inspiration been for your work for the degree show?

My inspiration comes from the city, my interests and everyday life.

In what ways has the workshop environment informed your practice during your time at Chelsea?

Experimenting with materials and my ideas in the workshop has transformed and developed my designs.

Tell us about any external projects you have worked on during your time at Chelsea? 

During my time at Chelsea I have volunteered at the Lumiere London light festival, I am also working part-time for Arts Temps and the UAL Students’ Union.

A photo of a glass with a plant growing out of it and a glass with a bulb in

What have you enjoyed the most about studying and living in London?

Studying and living in London is an ongoing exploration for me. Going to design events, live gigs, and beautiful cafes, walking to parks and going to the theatre are my highlights.

Who or what has been your biggest influence during your time at Chelsea?

My biggest influence came from my personal experiences, also the exhibitions I’ve had and working with other artists.

What are your ambitions following graduation?

After my graduation and looking to the future, I have many ambitions. From October I am continuing my studies at Chelsea by doing an MA in Interior and Spatial Design. During the next year I want to become a stronger designer. I want to create my own business and also work on different artistic projects.

An image of two glasses with funnels in

What makes your proud to be a Chelsea student?

I am proud to be a Chelsea student. The college has a strong name for a reason.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing your course? Any advice for new students?

Don’t think too much, just explore. Let your experiences and life drive you.

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