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In the Studio: Dan Fardell – MA Interior & Spatial Design

Work by Dan Fardell
Work by Dan Fardell
Work by Dan Fardell
Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
04 September 2017

MA Interior and Spatial Design student Dan Fardell, originally from Chigwell, Essex, takes some time out to chat to us about his practice and time on the course, looking ahead to the MA Summer Show 8-14 September.

Describe your experience at Chelsea in 3 words

Reflective, Challenging, Developmental.

Work by Dan Fardell

Please tell us about your work over the last year

My work has set out to explore gallery and museums spaces in a contextual and theoretical way, attempting to underpin how these spaces support the overall experience.  A lot of my work delves into and plays with processes, linking in characteristics to both minimalism and conceptual art.

Work by Dan Fardell

Please tell us about your work for the final show

The final body of work attempts to visually communicate a previously explored visit to a gallery where Richard Serra’s sculptural works were on display. The visit was documented and presented as a spatial narrative that articulates and reflects on the experience of walking around the space and viewing the work. The final outcomes arrive in the form of an installation that invites the audience to walk around and follow my route whilst engaging in parts of the written narrative.

Work by Dan Fardell

What was your greatest challenge in working towards the degree show?

Ensuring that the processes explored and the project itself kept moving forwards and that the outcomes that arrived early were critiqued and questioned to a high level. It is very easy to fall into the trap of completely aesthetically-driven work.

What do you see yourself doing after you graduate, what are your career ambitions?

I currently work as a lecturer in design, managing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course. I very much see myself continuing to work within the educational sector and hope that completing MA Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea will now provide opportunities to teach at in Higher Education.

Work by Dan Fardell

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Chelsea?

There is an openness to Chelsea and, being an art college, there is a particular vibe about the place. It is certainly a self-directed learning environment and I have really enjoyed managing a studio space with my peers, taking ownership of my learning process.

What have you most enjoyed about the area around Chelsea? Any tips?

Chelsea College of Arts provides an element of socialness within its own grounds.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing your course? Any advice?

This is a highly self-directed course and students applying need to be willing to take ownership of their work.

All images: Work by Dan Fardell

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