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In the Beginning: Zoe Granger – BA Fine Art


Written by
Isabelle Gressel
Published date
23 November 2016

As part of our ‘In the Beginning’ series, we interviewed BA Fine Art student Zoe Granger. Three months into her course, we asked how she was navigating new course, facilities and fellow students. 

Describe you experience at Chelsea so far in three words.

Exciting, different and intense.

Why did you choose to study at Chelsea?

I visited the university on one of the open days. After being showed round the BA Fine Art studios, I immediately felt comfortable and could imagine myself studying on the course. I really like the very accepting and relaxed atmosphere. There is always so much going on…so many opportunities available to the students.

What has surprised you most about your university experience so far?

I’m surprised by how much time I’ve spent in the 3D workshops, I’ve gone from loathing working in 3D to loving it!

'Circle banana' (Photoshop drawing)

‘Circle banana’ (Photoshop drawing)

What projects have you been working on in the 3D workshops? 

I’ve spent a lot of time in the foundry and casting workshop, concentrating on making a copper/bronze sphere using the process of lost wax casting. I’ve learned so many new processes over the last three weeks. It’s been really exciting and I can’t wait to have a finished piece.

I also have plans to use the wood workshop as I’m keen to get some circular pieces of wood cut to paint onto.

What sort of accommodation are you living in? How do you like it?

I’m living in a student house with friends I met on my foundation course. It’s been really good and nice to live with people you already know. I can also see that halls would be a fun choice if you didn’t have anyone to move in with that you knew already.

Do you have any money saving tips for getting by as a student in London?

Shop at Lidl and Morrisons!

Is there any advice you would give to prospective students thinking of applying to your course?

Be really open minded as to what art can or might be and be willing to push your art practice. Try something new even if you might not enjoy it at first. The first few weeks are tough but keep going!

'Creamy architecture' (Photoshop collage)

‘Creamy architecture’ (Photoshop collage)

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