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In the Beginning: Stella Kapezanou – MA Fine Art

Disaster Playground
Disaster Playground

Written by
Isabelle Gressel
Published date
20 January 2017

MA Fine Art student Stella Kapezanou moved from Athens to London to study at Chelsea and was selected to receive the Frank Bowling Scholarship.  As part of our ‘In the Beginning’ interview series we caught up with Stella to find out more about her practice and her experience in London so far. 

Back is Black / 170x140 cm / mixed media on canvas / 2016

Back is Black, 170×140 cm,  mixed media on canvas, 2016

Describe your experience at Chelsea so far in 3 words

Exciting, New, Diverse.

Why did you choose to study at Chelsea? What were you doing before applying?

I was studying at the Athens School of Fine Art. Then I was awarded the Frank Bowling scholarship and was delighted to come to study at Chelsea.

High by the beach / 170x140 cm / acrylics on canvas / 2016

High by the beach / 170×140 cm / acrylics on canvas / 2016

Tell us about your research/practice focus

I’m interested in images from everyday life. I’m curious about what we consider to be “everyday” habits of groups of people living in capitalistic and material societies in the most developed countries of the Western world.  I like to develop a critical approach to the beliefs of these societies.

I’m intrigued by subjects that are not considered “high art” but are common to the viewer’s eye and I strive to allow the viewer to observe more deeply what is happening right next to them.
I want to capture the emotional state of people who seem disconnected from their surroundings, who look to be defined by their personality and not their soul. I also wish to capture the temporariness, decay and mortality of humans.

hot staff / mixed media on canvas / 170x140 cm / 2016

Hot staff / mixed media on canvas / 170×140 cm / 2016

What has surprised you most about your experience at Chelsea so far?

The openness of the tutors, the diversity of students and the freedom of expression.

What projects have you worked on so far in your first term? Do you have a favourite?

I’m solely working on painting. My favourite is always the one I’m working on at the moment.

What skills do you feel you have developed so far ? 

I feel I am expressing myself in a more open way and accepting myself more.

brit pond / 152x122 cm / mixed media on canvas / 2016

Brit pond / 152×122 cm / mixed media on canvas / 2016

What is it like studying in London? What are some of your favourite places to visit or things to do in London?

London is an amazing city, especially in the art field. There’s never enough time to visit all the galleries and museum exhibitions that you want to see. I love going to private views of shows and talks/lectures. My favourite talk so far was one by artist Luc Tuymans at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Is there any advice you would give to prospective students thinking of applying to your course?

Be resourceful, be ready!

greener grass / 91 x 72 cm / mixed media on canvas / 2016

Greener Grass / 91 x 72 cm / mixed media on canvas / 2016

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