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In the Beginning: Alexandra Bishop – BA Graphic Design Communication

SMILE – Go there – inspire us project – Alexandra Bishop
SMILE – Go there – inspire us project – Alexandra Bishop
SMILE – Go there – inspire us project – Alexandra Bishop
Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
17 November 2017

Describe you experience at Chelsea so far in three words?

Social, inspiring, experimental.

Why did you choose to study at Chelsea?

The first thing I noticed was Chelsea’s beautiful buildings and how peaceful the grounds are even though you are so close to central London, you really don’t feel it while you’re there. I also like the close relationship students have with their tutors. That’s very important to me.

What has surprised you most about your university experience so far?

How much I have enjoyed working in groups for projects, it’s something I hadn’t done much of before and didn’t think I’d like it as much as I have, but actually you can all work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has been so keen to get stuck into projects and help each other out, plus it’s a great way to get to know everyone on your course.

Tell us about one of the projects you’ve worked on so far…

The “Go there – inspire us” project. In groups we were given a location in London where we had to go to and find something to inspire our peers and tutors. Our group made a big sign saying ‘smile’ and held it up to all of the passers by encouraging everyone to smile whilst on their mundane commute to work. We made a short film and had so much fun. Some of the results are hilarious.

ERROR - Wood workshop in 3D Typography - Alexandra Bishop

ERROR – Wood workshop in 3D Typography – Alexandra Bishop

What skills have you learned so far in the 3D/Digital workshops? Have you used any new processes/materials?

We’re currently doing different workshops every Monday and Friday in small groups so that we get to experience a range of workshops. In each session we are set a mini 1 day project, for example last week I had a day in the wood workshop where we were set a 3D typography project for the day. Then we went out and photographed the 3D word we’d made, in different locations.

How are you finding your accommodation so far? Do you have any advice for prospective students?

I actually decided not to stay in halls, I’m currently in a flat with my friend that I met during the foundation year. Keep in touch with your peers and find out if anyone from your current course is living near you. Even if they’re not a close friend, it’s nice to know you have some familiar faces just around the corner if you need someone to talk to.

ERROR - Wood workshop in 3D Typography - Alexandra Bishop

ERROR – Wood workshop in 3D Typography – Alexandra Bishop

What do you get up to outside of college time?

So far just getting to know the new area I’m living in I’ve found some free yoga and meditation sessions going on at the weekends five minutes up the road from me! Wherever you move to join the Facebook group for that area. That’s the best way to find out about what’s going on near you.

What’s your favourite part of the neighbourhood around Chelsea? E.g. Gallery, Café etc.

About a 5/10 min walk down the road on strutton road, full of nice coffee shops and a street food market, really tasty food, good atmosphere.

Do you have any money saving tips for getting by as a student in London?

Apply for a student Oyster card as soon as you can. You get at least 35% off all travel in London. Also I would avoid over buying materials that you assume you will need, every project is different and you will be surprised at what you will/won’t need to buy. Your tutors will tell you what you will need as you go along.

Is there any advice you would give to prospective students thinking of applying to your course?

I would definitely recommend considering doing the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design year before coming to study at Chelsea. It opens your mind to so many different approaches to graphic design that aren’t covered at A Level. It really sets you up for the sort of projects you’ll be given here which allows you from day 1 to really throw yourself into them with confidence.

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