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A group of Chelsea students stands in the Parade Ground at Chelsea cheering and shouting in celebration of a prize being awarded. They hold drinks and on the right a student is taking a photo with his mobile phone.

In pictures: Undergraduate Summer Show 2019

Written by Sarah McLean
Published date 04 July 2019

Our Undergraduate Summer Show opened on Friday 14 June kicking off a summer of events showcasing the ground-breaking, thought-provoking and critical creative practice of our graduating students. To get a taste of the installations, performances and work on show, take a look below at some pictures from the exhibitions and the private view, which saw 4,000 people visit the college.

Our next Summer Shows open this week: join us for the MA Fine Art and MA Curating and Collections Summer Shows private view on Friday 5 July 2019, 6-9pm.

A white room contains a large, bright yellow, angular sculpture. Next to this stands two people, Professor Claudia Rankine and BA Fine Art graduating student Hsi-Nong Huang. Also exhibited in the room on the left wall are two blue paintings.
BA Fine Art student Hsi-Nong Huang stands with her work Too Romantic To Forget (2019) and Professor Claudia Rankine. The author, poet, artist and Yale Professor has become Visiting Professor for Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, and presented the inaugural Claudia Rankine Prize for Fine Art to to graduating student Hsi-Nong Huang at the Summer Show prize giving on 14 June 2019. - Credit: Photographer: David Poutney Caption
A crowd of people is seen facing the camera. In the foreground is Professor David Crow with his back to the camera, wearing a checked shirt. A photographer is to his left taking a photo. In the background you can see the balloon from the artwork by Jamie Pullan.
Professor David Crow, Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon addresses the crowd of graduating students and staff gathered on the Parade Ground for prize giving. - Credit: Photographer: Jason Grant Caption
A dark blue room with a painting on each wall. The painting on the back wall is blue and pink and a vase of flowers and a woman are visible. In the foreground is a collection of ceramics, fruit and fresh flowers arranged together on painted blue plinths.
Flo White, BA Fine Art. - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
Two people look at work resting on stools in a specially-created reading area at the BA Graphic Design Communcation exhibition at the Chelsea undergraduate Summer Show 2019.
The BA Graphic Design Communication exhibition. - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
A white room which is covered floor and ceiling in a grid of orange tape. Printed work is displayed on the walls and in the foreground is wooden furniture including speakers and a plinth.
The BA Interior and Spatial Design exhibition - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
Close up shot of textile works by Mia Rodney. The knit fabric work is in shades of purple, pink, lilac, green and white and includes strands, plaits and fringing.
Detail of work by Mia Rodney, BA Textile Design. Mia described her project as "[centering] on the social and political impacts that I feel shaped the way I wore my hair growing up. Breaking down my personal journey with identity through hair into three styles - braided, straight and curly - my concept surrounds the ideas of what could be, what should be and what is." - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
A dark narrow room with an archway on the far back wall which shows a video installation of three columns against a blue sky with white clouds.
Architecture dismembered 2019 by Halveig Villand, BA Fine Art Caption
A white room with neon details. A series of photographic works with fractured portraits hangs from the ceiling.
The Graduate Diploma Graphic Design exhibition. - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
A man in a rucksack views a wall of different posters designed BA Graphic Design Communication students.
Posters by BA Graphic Design Communication students. - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
A large balloon floats in the air in the parade ground at Chelsea, tethered out of shot. In the foreground stands the artist in a red and blue shirt, with blue hair.
BA Fine Art student Jamie Pullan with his work If All The Ice Melts installed in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea. Jamie's work aims to draw the viewer's attention to the impact of climate change and rising sea levels. - Credit: Photographer: David Poutney Caption
Detail photograph of installation of knitwear designs by Prscilla Luong, BA Textile Design. The clothes are displayed as if worn by bodies in action, suspended from brightly coloured there. The gardents themselves are a sleeveless top, and two long sleeved tops. The clothes are striped merino wool in a variety of bright colours.
Work by Priscilla Luong, BA Textile Design. Priscilla's collection of sports apparel utilises the performance qualities of Merino wool to provide an athlete with the best possible fit, allowing more freedom of movement by adapting to their bodies. - Credit: Photograper: Kristy Noble Caption
Detail of an architectural model made from a transparent material with a red ombre effect on a white plinth.
Detail of Trace by Fiona Fuller, Giovanna Cappiello, Shoshanna Warshawsky and Szabolcs Farkas-Pall, FdA and BA Interior Design. This project investigate the 'store of the future'. - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption
An industrial space lit bright blue by a twisting light blue neon light piece which curls across the ceiling.
Installation by Bibin Li, Graduate Diploma Fine Art. - Credit: Photographer: Kristy Noble Caption

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