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Graduate Diploma Fine Art: Off Site Exhibition

Written by Natalie Anastasiou
Published date 25 May 2018

Chelsea’s Graduate Diploma Fine Art Students take their art to an offsite location in South London (8-11 May 2018).

The thirty-six students in the Graduate Diploma Fine Art programme at Chelsea College of Arts headed south of the Thames River to exhibit their freshly produced artwork. The timeworn floors and walls of the Safehouse location provide a unique space for showing their art. Installing projections and hanging sculptures in these two dilapidated, but structurally sound, Victorian houses presented some challenges, but resulted in some inspired siting of work and intrigue in every corner.

Shazia Salam installing her work titled The Location of Culture. Visitors were invited to scratch off areas of this large world map using the suspended foreign currency. This artwork discusses what happens to cultural identity in a globalised world.

Artists Markus Eisenmann and Stine Marie Jacobsen discuss the work of Shiyun Luo with student Fiona McCurdie during the critical review held during two days of the exhibition.

Mengmei Chen validating the volume of her sound installation After She Died prior to the Private View opening on 9 May 2018.

These printed and hand-embroidered t-shirts titled I Love You by Pui Pui Debbie Ip question the materials that can be used to create art, and challenge the role of political leaders in our world.

These two lively girls, made by sculptor Oggie Reeve, were found playing in the parlour room at the Safehouse exhibition. Gainsborough’s Daughters reflects on the innocence and fleeting nature of youth.

Students gather to listen to the sound piece called “You’re overthinking it, Sandra” created by Ruby Tucker during the first day of student critiques at the Safehouse.

This photoluminescent installation by Mariana Heilmann references symbiosis, primordial cellular life, and the evolution of simple cells.

The expressive painting seen through the doorway by Maggie Grant (left) flows freely on linen, while the painting by Marion Flanagan (right) discusses the visibility of children in our busy lives.

The discussions spill out into the street during the Private View on 8 May 2018.

The Graduate Diploma Fine Art students have their next exhibition as part of the UAL Summer Show on 15-23 June 2018 at Chelsea College of Arts.

Photography credits to Sophie Tzu-Ching Hu, Sophie Kemp, Marion Flanagan, and Mengmei Chen.

Offsite exhibition poster designed by Julia Angulo.

A special thanks to Marion Flanagan for gathering the content for this post.