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Call Out: take part in #TransActing: A Market of Values


Written by
Sarah McLean
Published date
28 May 2015

#TransActing: A Market of Values, will take place on 11th July 2015 in London at Chelsea College of Arts on the historic Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground. Organised by Critical Practice as part of the Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Graduate School’s public programme, this bustling pop-up market will feature artists, designers, civil-society groups, academics, ecologists, activists and others who seeks to creatively explore forms of exchange such as care, trust, creativity and generosity that coexist with money but cannot be made equivalent to pounds and pence.

They are looking for stall holders to take part in the Market which will showcase skillshares, repair hubs and hacklabs, organ donation, expert and enthusiast knowledge and other resources. Ten contributors selected through the OPEN CALL will each receive £100.

Want to be involved? Proposals are invited through this OPEN CALL with the deadline of 1st June 2015.
Stalls in the Market can take many forms: a project, a performance, a workshop, a speech, etc.  They are looking for contributions that explore these alternative values or grapple with others that may be even more complex ones: wealth, loyalty, ambition, determination, adventure, resilience, etc.
Please find the proposal form with further information about the project here: OPEN CALL #TransActing 2015 (PDF 569KB).
To apply to take part, email your completed form and supplementary information to