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UAL and OCAD University collaborate at Art Toronto 2020

Close up of painting
Close up of painting
Inside by Marion Flanagan. MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. 2020
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Communications Team
Published date
30 October 2020

Continuing our work in Canada, UAL is excited to take part in the country’s largest art fair, Art Toronto: October 28 to November 8, in collaboration with OCAD University.

Spotlighting contemporary artists from Canada, UK and around the world, Art Toronto takes a dynamic format this year combining online content with in-person programming from across the country. Online showcases sit alongside face-to-face events in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and beyond, as galleries and institutions host the fair’s socially distanced exhibitions and live programming.

The collaboration between UAL and OCAD University comes out of ongoing dialogue between our 2 universities and cross-working on common areas of interest such as decolonisation. Art Toronto sees our communities coming together to present an online student exhibition and virtual studio visits with key programme staff and alumni.

This year has brought great challenges for cultural production and we have had to find creative ways to collaborate and share. We’re very pleased that our partnership with OCAD University can be realised in new ways; sharing this showcase at Art Toronto 2020 allows us to reflect some of the themes which connect us.

— Sir Nigel Carrington, Vice-Chancellor, UAL
We are excited to partner with UAL at this year’s Art Toronto. The timeliness of this creative collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever; together we share our common goal of propelling the creativity of our makers and thinkers during an unprecedented time

— Ana Serrano, President and Vice-Chancellor of OCAD University

Student exhibition

An online exhibition of student work curated by OCAD University alumna Kaylen Hamlyn features 11 of UAL and OCAD University’s 2020 alumni. Over 11 days, the OCAD| UAL virtual booth at Art Toronto will transition through three phases: Grasping, Grounding, and Gesturing, to foster dialogue around the question “what do we talk about when we talk about space”. See work spanning across sculpture, installation, photography, painting, drawing, animation, film and game design from some of UAL and OCAD’s brightest emerging artists.

Featured UAL graduates

Marion Flanagan - MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. Marion also completed a year of study at OCAD, a Study Abroad term  and the Graduate Diploma Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.

Isabelle Perchaluk - Foundation Diploma at Central Saint Martins, UAL and BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.

Vashkar Chakraborty, Graduate Diploma Photography, London College of Communication, UAL.

Curation schedule

Phase One: Grasping - October 28 -31
Phase Two: Grounding - November 1- 4
Phase Three: Gesturing - November 5-8

This year we have found ourselves more aware of space than ever before…The artists shown throughout this booth are part of a dialogue of shifting spaces, highlighting themes of displacement, migration, and the growing slippage between digital life and virtual/reality. Curator, Kaylen Hamlyn


Virtual studio visits: Kimathi Donkor, Erika Tan and Mark Lewis

In a series of 30-minute virtual studio visits, UAL’s Kimathi Donkor, Erika Tan and Mark Lewis share their workspaces and perspectives on location (Home Abroad), disruption and social justice; alongside OCAD University alumni Amanda Nedham and Eunice Luk.

Kimathi Donkor

Dr Kimathi Donkor, artist and Course Leader, BA Fine Art, Painting, Camberwell, UAL. Kimathi's work focuses on diasporic imaginaries and the condition of decoloniality. Watch the studio tour

Erika Tan

Erika Tan - artist, researcher, curator and Lecturer on the 4D Pathway, BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, UAL. Erika’s work is informed by specific transcultural, geographical or physical contexts. Her research focuses on the postcolonial, transnational and decolonial. Watch the studio tour

Mark Lewis

Professor Mark Lewis – Research Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, UAL – Mark has broad experience of working and exhibiting in Canada and with Canadian influences in his own work, whilst also engaging directly with international communities. Watch the studio tour

We hope that by showcasing our collective talent and developing practical skills around artistic production, we will create stronger ties between our universities, leading to future collaborations and opportunities at other international art fairs.

UAL has over 900 alumni who live and work in Canada and we have been actively developing international partnerships there over the past 5 years. Last year a team from UAL, including our Vice-Chancellor, attended a series of strategic events in Canada. We met with cultural institutions, business leaders and universities in Toronto and Vancouver, including OCAD University, and hosted alumni events in both cities.

For free public access to the fair from 31 October create an account to log in and view the OCAD| UAL gallery.

Top image: 'Inside' by Marion Flanagan, MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL