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Study Abroad Student: Lenor Levy at the Science Museum


Written by
Jieying Shao
Published date
16 May 2022

In March, study abroad student Lenor Levy from BA Interaction Design Arts joined the Ancient Greek Week Lates Exhibition at the Science Museum with her coursemate Eve Doddsare.

Their installation is called Pluck to the Tune of Pythagoras. Lenor is in her third year of university at Tufts University in Boston where she studies Quantitative Economics + Fine Arts. She came to London College of Communication(LCC) to study Interaction Design Arts which exists at the nexus of design and computing, two disciplines that she's passionate about. We are thrilled to have Lenor join us to talk about this unique experience.

"I would have never had the opportunity to present my work in a museum if not in a school in London. Access to dozens of free galleries and museums across the city has been crucial to my process."

Would you mind talking about your project in this exhibition?

The piece, titled Plucking to the Tune of Pythagoras, was designed in collaboration with the Ancient Greeks gallery and invites eight users to pluck strings of varied lengths set to the pure perfect fifth ratio found by Pythagoras in the sixth century BC. Having the opportunity to share a work of art that engages visitors to visualize maths outside of a textbook in one of the largest museums in London has been surreal.

What was the hardest part during the exhibition preparation and how did you overcome it?

The hardest part of this process has been working through the challenges of building something I have no experience in. I’ve never been a particularly musical person nor known how to use the laser cutter before this experience, but having the help of the Sound Arts program and the 3D studio has been imperative to making this work.

Why did you choose to study with UAL Study Abroad?

Coming from a fine arts program, I rarely found opportunities to combine technology with the arts, so I came to LCC exactly for that.

How was the application process, do you have any advice for people who want to apply?

Even if your portfolio pieces are not in the medium of the course you are applying for, throw them in! Your creative process and experience are more important than having perfect work to show.

What are your first impressions of London and UAL / LCC?

I was immediately drawn to the extent of our studio space here. Having a studio for each course as well as countless broad studios for everyone to access is every art student’s dream. I have also loved being in the 3D workshop and sitting at the same bench as students from courses like photography and film and being able to catch a glimpse of an entirely different LCC experience.

What do you most enjoy about your classes?

I love how much freedom I have to explore what I am interested in. Our briefs are specific enough to guide you but also give enough breathing room for you to experiment.

How does London influence your art practice?

I would have never had the opportunity to present my work in a museum if not in a school in London. Access to dozens of free galleries and museums across the city has been crucial to my process. I particularly love the Design Museum.

How do you find the situation with Covid?

I haven't found it to be too challenging.

How do you think studying with us will help you?

Being able to devote 100% of my time to art and being surrounded by some of the world’s best art students has been so exciting. I am able to delve into design in a way that I wasn’t able to in the past. The wide gamut of skill sets across the universities and resources has enabled me to make anything I can dream of.

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