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Yoav Segal: MA Theatre Design

Yoav Segal working in his studio
Yoav Segal working in his studio
Yoav Segal working in his studio © Alys Tomlinson.
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Content Team
Published date
05 February 2020

Yoav came to UAL with the aim of refocusing his career path and pursuing his ambition of becoming a theatre designer. At Wimbledon College of Arts he discovered an artists' community that felt like home and a course that has provided him with the technical skills and conceptual approach he needs to build his future success.

"Since I was a kid I've adored theatre: the gripping storytelling, the magic in the air and, more than anything, the imagination, flare and ingenuity of its design. I've worked a lot in theatre since, but have lacked the precise skills to actually become a designer. I needed to delve into the technical and practical aspects of it and learn discrete skills.

The UAL course felt like the perfect fit for me as it's very hands-on and the campus is an art school, an environment that really suited me when I was studying my undergraduate degree. When visiting the Open Day I immediately liked the course leader, as well as the tone and feel of the course and teaching methods. I felt inspired and excited. I knew I could grow a lot through the MA.

“Wimbledon is a lovely campus that feels like a true art school. There's a community vibe, it's nice and small, you feel welcome in all the departments and it's buzzing with passionate artists.”

My undergraduate degree was in Illustration and afterwards I went on to do a Diploma in Film Design. Since then I’ve gained some experience in industry: I've done a bit of everything, mostly working in film, animation and scenic projection design. Deep down I've always wanted to be a theatre designer and have always quietly thought to myself I could be. The course at Wimbledon has already built my confidence and belief that I'll be able to forge a career as a designer.


My first project has been a whirlwind guide to all aspects of theatre design: breaking down a text, carrying out rigorous research, coming up with a vision, communicating the idea to a team, learning the fineries of model-making and costume drawing, creating storyboards and scene charts... the list goes on! I've learnt so much about what it is to be a designer and how to take responsibility for the department. It’s also been brilliant to gain specific technical skills in drafting, building and making.

“London is a melting pot of everything. It's fast paced, intoxicating and has some of the best galleries, theatres and creative industries. You're always within touching distance of the work you aspire to, so it feels more achievable.”

I thought postgraduate study would be a lot more academic and theoretical than it is, but my course has been fantastically practical. It’s also intense, but in the best way possible. My advice to students considering a postgraduate degree would just be to immerse yourself completely and go all out!

UAL has so many campuses, lectures, workshops, technical departments, experts and opportunities. Consume as much as possible, because in the 'real' world lots of the skills you can learn, people you can talk to and media connections you can make are hard to come by. London and UAL have been amazing in that respect."