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Clay+ Workshop Project Report

illustrative only clay 3D
illustrative only clay 3D
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Post-Grad Community
Published date
15 July 2020

Clay+ project is an experimental laboratory where participants can share opinions and experiment with unconventional ways of using clay, exploring clay as  a narrative material and a reflection of social issues. “Clay” stands for a material from nature. It is a medium that has been used to convey messages. After reshaping and revaluing, clay will become an intellectual object, a storyteller. It is also a way of living, simple and austere, beautiful and profound. “Plus” is the methodology. It is a way of thinking. In this laboratory, idea fragments meet, combine, and evolve. The border of clay extends through collage and the collaboration with people, ideas, and other materials.

Clayplus workshop is site-specific. Our first launch was in The Story Garden in Camden are of London on 10 March 2020. The garden is a place where people can communicate, share knowledges and make connections. Moreover, the garden becomes a specific context, inspiring participants to think differently.

Video credit: Rikki Henry, Yu Leng, Dorisluming

The Story Garden is a partnership between Global Generation, the British Library, Stanhope and Mitsui Fudosan. MAKE @ Story Garden is developed and delivered by Central Saint Martins and Somers Town Community Association, in partnership with Camden Council and Lendlease. MAKE is based in the Story Garden, built for and by the local community. The garden is a green oasis at the British Library in Somers Town, bringing the local community together over food growing, communal meals, shared stories and creative activities.

Before the workshop, we did lots of research and testing. The progress makes us think more about the importance of collaboration and community as well as the factors that changes the value of a material, such as narrations, utilities, and rarities. By looking into the cases of clay practitioners, we found the potentials of using and interpreting clay. Clay  is not just a form. It is something social.

We invited a small group of UAL MA students from different courses, who are interested in clay and would like to use clay as a medium in their future practices. Clay+ workshop is a laboratory where participants can share opinions and experiment with unconventional ways of using clay, exploring clay as a narrative material and a reflection on social issues.

What is clay? From use as an industrial building material to a multitude of daily uses.

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CLAY+ Workshops project

Clay+ Expermental video


Workshop Preparation and Research

Project Director - Manqiao Fang

Workshop Preparation - Qinming

Workshop Preparation - Yang Li

Project Research and Equipment - Chuan Qin

Project Preparation - Ke Wang

Graphic Design

Poster and catalogue design - Catarina Neves, Sally Yang


Photographer - Yu Leng, Dorisluming

Videographer - Dorisluming

Video Editor - Rikki Henry

Catalogue - Manqiao Fang


Eliza Collin

Special thanks

Georgia Jacob

Simeon Featherstone

Alicia Monedero

Cai Zhang

Alicia Monedero-Chaves


Qinming Feng

Yang Li

Fiona Adamson

Lizzie Cardozo

Kay Senior

James Canty

Dee Honeybon

Wenjun Chen

Liz Ramos-Prado

Nicky O’donnell

Funded by

UAL Post-Grad Community

Supported by MAKE@Story Garden

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