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Illustration of people supporting each other to achieve a trophy
Illustration of people supporting each other to achieve a trophy
Illustration by Gracie Dahl

A mentor/mentee relationship can support you in building your network, boost your confidence, and help you define a clearer path to achieving goals.

What is one-to-one mentoring?

One-to-one mentors offer their support, knowledge and experience within a particular area to a mentee, usually over a set period of time. They can support you to identify your professional goals and give you feedback on your journey.

Mentoring can be a useful process during a period of transition - for example, moving from school to university, from university to work, or from one job to another. A one-to-one mentor will provide a thinking space, so you can decide where you want to go next, and take some of the steps needed to get there.

UAL's Professional Mentoring Programme

Mentoring at UAL

There are 2 routes into professional mentoring through Careers and Employability. For either route you must be on a BA / BSc course at UAL, or have recently graduated from one (and not be taking, or be enrolled for, a postgraduate course).

We match you with a mentor working in the creative industry. They’ll support you to think about your creative career and the steps you need to take to get there. You can expect:

  • 6 months support and guidance
  • one-to-one meeting with your mentor
  • advice on your industry
  • help setting goals
  • help creating an action plan
  • CV and portfolio reviews
  • job application support
  • practice interview skills
  • to strengthen planning and personal skills
  • to develop ways of showcasing your work.

This could help you find work, set up a business, build networks and audiences, freelance, and sell your art or service. By the end of the programme, you will be clearer about your next steps, and have better awareness of opportunities.

“Mentoring has grown my confidence in interacting with creative industry professionals immensely. It has helped to demystify what the career of an artist really is - breaking down the progression, different avenues of income, and possibilities out there. It was an invaluable experience that I am really grateful to have had access to. Go for it!”

— Previous mentee
“Helping someone develop and grow in our industry is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will have in your career.”

— Previous mentor

Who can apply?

Route 1:  for underrepresented students

You must be:

  • a second or third year studying on a BA / BSc course at UAL, or completed a BA / BSc in the last two years
  • not be taking, or be enrolled for, a postgraduate course
  • and paying / paid fees as a Home (UK) student.

In addition, at least ONE of these statements must also apply:

  • My parent(s) or guardian(s) have not completed a university degree
  • I am from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background
  • I receive the UAL Bursary
  • I am a Care leaver or Care giver
  • I took part in UAL's Insights programme
  • I have a disability

Apply for Route 1: for underrepresented students

Route 2:  for other students on a BA / BSc course at UAL 

You must be:

  • a second or third year student studying on a BA / BSc course at UAL
  • paying fees as a Home (UK) student, an EU student, or an International student
  • and not be taking, or be enrolled for, a postgraduate course.

Apply for Route 2 : other students on a BA/BSc course

If I register, will I definitely get a mentor?

We want to match you with the right mentor for you, however this relies on the right mentor applying to the scheme. There are no guarantees that we can match everyone. But we have a growing pool of mentors, and we will do our best to find you a match before you graduate.

You only have to sign up for the scheme once. Once registered, you stay on our list for as long as you are eligible for a mentor.

Please note:

Careers and Employability encourages diversity within the creative industries.

The University does not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or violence. Any reports made about a mentor or mentee will be treated seriously and with sensitivity. This includes any public statements or appearances, and social media.

To raise a concern, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator in the first instance at UAL students can also access confidential advice through the University’s Tell Someone service. You may also wish to read the Professional Mentoring programme's Privacy Statement

Want to become a professional mentor? 

If you would like to join our pool of talented and dynamic industry creatives, please get in contact, we are looking for industry professionals who:

  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in your industry.
  • Are available to offer mentoring over a 6 month period.
  • Are able to attend a one-off mentor training session.

For more information read our Guide for Professional Mentors (PDF 247KB) and our Code of Ethics for Professional Mentors (PDF 99KB).

Careers and Employability acknowledges the barriers that exist for people of colour in the creative industries. UAL's Professional Mentoring programme is committed to actively recruiting mentors of colour, to support our students and create a more diverse cultural sector.

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