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What is Academic Support and why should you know about it?

Students sitting around the table
Students sitting around the table

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Internal Communications
Published date
22 November 2021

Academic Support offers a variety of activities to enhance your learning, no matter which step of the academic ladder you are on: pre-degree, undergraduate or postgraduate, including PhD.

Ranging from learning development workshops to one-to-one tutorials and drop-ins, resources and creative sessions, Academic Support enables you to develop as a learner and nurture your creativity. In a friendly atmosphere, understanding lecturers work with students with both compassion and patience.

Students from across LCC talk about their experiences using Academic Support

Deevya, a BA (Hons) Animation student who will graduate in 2022, said:

“As creative students, the written elements of our course can sometimes feel daunting. I have a lot of anxiety and a lack of confidence when it comes to essay work.

“Regardless of what stage you are at with your writing, Academic Support can offer in-depth and thorough guidance on how to develop your work.

“The embedded skills workshops offered me invaluable insight into critical writing elements, and they gave me all the information I needed to get started. Once I had a draft, it was easy to book a one-to-one tutorial and get guidance on any concerns I had.

“With the lockdowns this year, online calls have felt unnatural, however, my sessions with Academic Support were some of the loveliest experiences I’ve had all year. All tutors are incredibly warm and welcoming. I cannot recommend Academic Support enough!”

Academic Support events

In addition to one-to-one sessions and academic skills workshops, students have access to guest events and creative workshops.

Frida, a BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity student, said: “I took the opportunity to learn more about many different areas. It really boosted my creativity and gave me a lot of inspiration.”

Lihui, an MA Illustration and Visual Media student, said: “Out of various Academic Support classes, I mostly enjoyed the creative writing class. It was very rewarding for me to have a safe place to write about things outside of my course. I recommend that students join the classes to build a creative network.”

An opportunity for feedback

Attending an Academic support tutorial gives students a unique opportunity to receive feedback on their written work before the official submission. Getting academic feedback and making relevant changes may help you reach your potential.

Mathilda, a BA (Hons) Magazine Journalism and Publishing graduate, regrets not paying more attention to the newsletters earlier. She said, “Learning about the Academic Support team made my university experience another 100% better than before.”

‘The one-to-one tutorials helped me finish my thesis in time and get an A+ grade.’

For projects that are more complex and take longer to complete, students can attend regular one-to-one sessions.

Gregor, an MA 3D Computer Animation graduate, attended weekly tutorials to work on his thesis. He said: “Having a weekly session helped me break down the thesis into parts and gave me a clear direction to follow. It also motivated me to get work done since the weekly sessions became a deadline of sorts. As a result, I finished in time and got an A+ grade.”

One-to-one sessions and embedded support

Academic Support Lecturers come from different arts fields. Through one-to-one sessions with them, students can widen their research.

Ding Ding, an MA Photography graduate, said: “Communicating with the Academic Support lecturers provided me with different ideas and gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own project, which was very helpful.”

Classes and tutorials can be more informal than lectures and seminars. The workshops are also an opportunity to get to know students on different courses and get plenty of support and feedback.

Amy, an MA Graphic Media Design student, said:

“All of the Academic Support staff that I met were very personable, brought up points that I may not have thought of, and really helped me polish my work.

“The Academic Support Lecturer who led our embedded sessions had a way of making a class that could feel stressful and over our heads into something fun and engaging.”

LCC Academic Support works with all students to help them develop their academic skills and boost their confidence to achieve their academic goals.

Yilin, an MA Design for Art Direction graduate, reflects on her experience as an international student: “My native language is not English, so my writing skills are not very good, but after one-to-one tutorials my writing level greatly improved. I recommend Academic Support to other students.’’

How to access Academic Support resources

Learn more about what Academic Support has to offer and book workshops and tutorials via Academic Support Online.

Most tutorials and workshops remain online for the time being, but face-to-face tutorials are available. The Academic Support offices are based in the library at LCC, behind the staircase.

If you have any questions or need more information about Academic Support at LCC, please email

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