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Online resources for Researchers

Close up shot of someone typing on a Macbook
Close up shot of someone typing on a Macbook

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Research Management and Administration
Published date
26 March 2020

Discover research at UAL through our rich archives of lectures, publications, other works from our researchers as well as support available online.

Studying online

Photograph of a man wearing a giant fly mask in front of a flower mural
Lucy Orta and Jorge Orta, Fabulae Naturae (2015)

UAL repository

Online archive of Research material produced by UAL researchers.

London School of Printing Yearbook, London College of Communication Collection, University of the Arts London Archives and Special Collections Centre

Archives and collections

Find our collections in collections film production, graphic design and printing history, sound arts and graphic narratives, including comic books.

Professorial platforms

Watch highlighted lectures by our researchers:

Fashion and sustainability

Find out more and watch our lectures in fashion and sustainability.

Art history and curation

Photography, film and sound

Design and comics

IT tools and support

To find out more about our great tools and services for digital learning, software, skills, health and wellbeing and more please read Coronavirus: online resources for students.

If you need help with things like passwords, emails or Office 365, call IT Services +44 (0)20 7514 9898 or tell us about the issue in MySupport.

For issues with learning tools like Moodle of Collaborate Ultra, please contact your course leader.