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Increased access to LCC site for technical spaces and library until the end of term

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LCC Exterior
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LCC Internal Communications
Published date
19 November 2020

As of next week, LCC will be able to open up the College site for increased access to the library and certain technical spaces for LCC students until the end of term.

As you know, as an LCC student you currently have particular timetabled days per week where you are able to access the College site. Since the start of term, you have only been able to book access to technical spaces and the library on your timetabled teaching days.

From Monday 23 November 2020 until the end of term, you will now be able to make bookings for open access technical spaces and the library at LCC on any day, regardless of when your timetabled sessions are.

To access the library at LCC, you will be able to book slots on any day of the week until 23 December. Bookings for the library need to be made through the Library ORB site.

For access to technical spaces at the College that are not course-specific, you will be able to book slots from Monday to Saturday, until 18 December. Bookings for the technical spaces will need to be made through the Technical resources ORB site.

Additional access to course-specific technical spaces will be managed on a programme basis where feasible.

Please remember that you will only be allowed access to the College site on your timetabled days or when you have a booking. You must not access College site at any time other than this. You will be asked to show evidence of your booking on arrival to the College.

We are increasing access to the College site until the end of term because on-site attendance has been lower than expected, with significant no shows when bookings have been made, meaning we are able to increase access for our students while still safely maintaining a building capacity that allows the required social distancing measures.

This is separate from the delivery of in-person teaching, which will stop from 4 December due to government measures, from which point teaching will be online-only, as explained in an email from Simon Ofield-Kerr, UAL Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

From next term, it is expected that access to technical spaces and the library will revert to being on your timetabled days only, depending on government measures and demand.

Remember that if you need help and support on matters relating to wellbeing, studying, disability support, money and security, health and more, the University is here to support you. Visit UAL’s Help and Support web page for more information.

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