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Help to produce urgently needed scrubs for NHS staff


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Internal Communications
Published date
07 April 2020

All UAL students, staff and members of the public are invited to get involved in a project led by the Central Saint Martins Foundation team, to create urgently needed scrubs for the NHS! Download the student brief (PDF 227KB) or read the project outline below to take part.

The National Health Service is under huge pressure at the moment, and desperately need more scrubs for their frontline staff. You're invited, where possible, to help make some of these garments. Scrubs need to be able to be washed at 60 degrees or above, so cotton is the preferred fabric. Dig out your old sheets, duvet covers or men’s work shirts! The fabric should preferably be plain. It can be in any colour, but avoid black or white.

How to make your scrubs

Please follow the simple sewing patterns below, and feel free to add a print, embroidery, tag or label with your name and a supportive statement. This is where your creativity can come into play! Please don't include any catches or buttons that could get caught or be dangerous.

You can choose to create a set of small, medium or large scrubs by following the instructions in the making guide. Use old wallpaper, newspaper, wrapping paper or A4 paper stuck together to make the pattern, before you start sewing. The grid should be scaled to equal 10cm x 10cm squares.

Label and Message Guide (PDF 11.5MB)

Scrubs Top Pattern Making Guide (PDF 3.8MB)

Scrubs Trouser Pattern Making Guide (PDF 3MB)

Scrubs: Sewing & Construction Guide (PDF 6.9MB)

Share your scrubs online

For free online tutorials and Q&A, follow our Instagram @fashion_textiles_csm_fad, and remember to upload images to social media documenting your designing and making using the hashtag #CSMlovesNHS

Sending your scrubs

Once you have finished your scrubs, please contact for information on where to send them.

Thank you for your support!

How can I get involved if I can't sew?

Due to a shortage of material, we're looking for cotton or poly cotton duvet covers and bedsheets which will be transformed into much needed scrubs by our collaborators, the North & East London Sewers. If you have spare material, please send it to the following address:

The Duvet Day Drop 4 NHS Scrubs

FAO Anna Kidd

North & East London Sewers

22 Briggeford Close E5 8RE

Please wash the duvet covers at +60 degrees in non-biological detergent before you send them. Please do not send your fabrics if you or anyone in your household has been ill within the last 14 days.

Thank you for your support!