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A call for socially conscious entrepreneurs

Zinc Venture Builder.
  • Written byInternal Communications
  • Published date 17 May 2022
Zinc Venture Builder.
Zinc Venture Builder.

Zinc offers up to £250k in funding and a 12-month support programme for people who want to co-found and build a B2B business from scratch that transforms the industries that most impact our environmental crisis. This is in four key areas:

  • Farming, fishing and food
  • Transport
  • Construction and building operations
  • Manufacturing and supply chain

The Venture Builder provides the opportunity to find a co-founder from a cohort of 70 passionate and ambitious individuals and gain up to £250k in funding for the most promising businesses. You will access personal development and coaching, R&D support from Zinc’s in-house team, and be guided by their network of over 100 Visiting Fellows with sector-related expertise, as well as in business, marketing, engineering and design.

The first application deadline is Friday, 15th July. Read the full mission manifesto here and click here to apply.

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