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WordPress Websites and Blogs

WordPress Websites and Blogs

London College of Communication
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A respected industry expert


WordPress is the most popular blogging tool and content managing system used on the web. This free, open source system manages nearly a quarter of all new websites.

Designed specifically for students and professionals wishing to develop an online presence via blog or WordPress website, this one-day course covers all the basics of setting up and customising a WordPress site to suit your particular needs. You will have the opportunity to design your own website and learn how to self-host on WordPress.

Topics Covered

  • Blog site theory
  • Back and front-end structures
  • Hosting
  • Dashboards
  • Themes
  • Navigation
  • Plug-ins

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the theory and practice of WordPress and other blogging websites
  • Create a website using WordPress
  • Select the most appropriate format and tools for your website

Who Should Attend
Small business owners, creative professionals, and anyone looking to build an online presence.

Beginner: You should have basic computer knowledge.

Follow Up Courses
Once you have completed this course you may want to find out more about Social Media Marketing,Google Analytics or Search Engine Optimisation.

Customised Training
We also offer bespoke wordpress courses for groups, individuals and businesses. To find out more, visit our Customised Training page.

Tutor Description

This course will be taught by a respected industry expert.

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