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Data Science for Beginners 

Data Science for Beginners

London College of Communication
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Driven by the massive growth in data generated by our digitalised world, data science is one of the fastest growing jobs in the UK. Good data scientists are in demand in all areas of communications: design, journalism, advertising, PR, film; TV, VR/AR and VFX. 

Get started in this exciting field by learning how to prepare, analyse and visualise data using Python.

Course Content 

  • Introduction to Data Science: looking at what data science is and some typical data science applications
  • Being a Data Scientist: looking at what data scientists do and the tools they use
  • The Machine Learning Process: working through a small example project, understanding the general approach and process for organising and executing a typical machine learning task using Python
  • Use of “unplugged” (i.e. non-computer based) activities to reinforce understanding
  • Build more Machine Learning Techniques: building on the first exercise, we will learn new techniques such as classification, regression, and evaluating algorithms using Python
  • Acquiring and Cleaning Data: looking at where to collect data from and how to clean it and manipulate it into the right format using Python
  • Data Visualisation: looking at ways to present and visualise data and implement some code to visualise our data using Python
  • Data Science Challenge: looking at some typical data science questions and then working collaboratively to investigate and report back our answers

Course Outcomes 

By the end of the course you should be able to: 

  • Understand the typical tasks and activities of a data scientist
  • Load and manipulate data sets
  • Write Python code to analyse data using machine learning and other techniques 
  • Write Python code to visualise data

Who Should Attend 

This course is ideal for you if you are working in a role that works with data, such as a advertising, journalism, design or computing, and you want to know more about the science of data. 


You do not need any previous programming knowledge but you should be comfortable installing software, downloading and moving files. 

Follow Up Courses

Once you have completed this course, you may be interested in learning more about Digital Design or Programming with Python for Beginners.

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