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Study Abroad Alumni: Alisha Phichitsingh, Wearable Objects

Alisha Phichitsingh - wearable objects
Alisha Phichitsingh - wearable objects

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UAL StudyAbroad
Published date
09 April 2021

Alisha is a Study Abroad Alumni from Womenswear at Central Saint Martins, and a graduate from Parsons. We chatted to Alisha about her time at CSM and her project - Wearable Objects.

Alisha Phichitsingh - Wearable Objects

Alisha Phichitsingh - wearable objects

I think the work I had in UAL really made me realize that I needed to just pursue my strengths instead of building my weakness.

Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from? Could you briefly describe what kind of work you do?

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand but I am Indian by blood. Since I was young I was always interested in art and design. From high school I started painting and creating sculpture. Throughout my time in Bangkok I explored the idea of using fine art materials to create body sculpture. I work a lot with molds, three dimensional textures and form.  I also work a lot with illustrations, oil painting and different mediums.

Could you talk a little about your project Wearable Objects? How did this body of work come about? 

I was always interested in creating transformable objects that can be used in many ways. This concept actually came upon me while I was studying in London. I had moved from New York to London and I started examining the relationship I had with my apartment in New York and how I had gained attachment to these objects that I used to create a space. I started understanding the idea of how furniture and fashion is both made for the human body and how combining the two can create a whole new experience and space. I worked with creating molds off of my furniture and the body to create silhouettes that reflected both the human body and the shape of my furniture. The final body of work included wearable objects that could be worn on the body but also transformed into a home object.

Alisha Phichitsingh - wearable objects

What course did you study at UAL and why?

I took the Womenswear program at Central Saint Martins.I took the womenswear course because I wanted to gain more strength in silhouette and shape as I knew I was already skilled in material and fabrication.  I took this course because I knew the subject was a weakness of mine and I wanted to gain more skills in it.

What was it like to study in London? 

I would say overall I had an amazing experience. There is so much to do in London and even after 6 months I still feel like I haven't explored the whole city.  I think London is even bigger melting pot of all different cultures and ethnicities which is one reason why I love it more than New York. The only thing that I don't like about London is the gloomy sky, that is why I'm always torn between New York and London.

What sort of work did you make whilst you were at UAL? Has your experience in London echoed in your work?

I think the work I had in UAL really made me realize that I needed to just pursue my strengths instead of building my weakness.  A lot of the work I made at UAL was very spontaneous and I wasn't afraid to try new things.  I think it was a great time for me to really understand the kind of work I wanted to pursue and how to go about it.

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