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Michele from Singapore

© Alys Tomlinson
Written by
Emily Wood
Published date
18 August 2020

Michelle chose to study at UAL because of its international reputation and the job prospects it would open up for her. Since then she has enjoyed making friends from across the world and experimenting with the facilities at London College of Communication.

“Back in 2014, I had just graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design. I wanted to explore the area of digital design in more depth, as I felt that was most practical for my future career.

I knew I wanted to study at UAL because of its world-famous reputation as an art and design university; I felt confident that graduating with a degree from here would open up good job prospects in the future.


I’d seen and heard about projects that students from UAL had done in the past and knew I would love to experience it for myself.

Studying at London College of Communication, one of UAL’s six Colleges, has been great because it has so many facilities and workshops – from screen printing and book binding to the 3D workshop and photography studio. It gives you enough freedom to experiment in different areas, with experienced staff and technicians to guide you.

I’ve really enjoyed being in a university that encourages students to collaborate with each other. I had a great experience last summer working with some fellow students for an exhibition as part of the London Design Festival. Collaborating allows us to learn from each other and combine our expertise to create a spectacular project.

It’s been awesome being around people from so many different places – I’ve loved expanding my circle of international friends.

London really has its own distinct arts and design culture – there’s always something going on that you shouldn’t miss. I like to visit Somerset House and Tate Modern with friends from my course, as they feature artists and designers who are creating new media installations and experimenting with interesting technologies.

I would encourage new students to be excited about living independently as there's so much to explore in this buzzing city. Have an open heart to welcome new friends to make your university experience memorable. Go crazy with ideas, because there's nothing impossible to create in UAL!”

Michelle Chong

BA (Hons) Information and Interface Design (now BA (Hons) User Experience Design), London College of Communication