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Inert by Nicholas Galanin

What should art do with animals? A new postgraduate reading group

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Published date 22 October 2018

initiated by Richard Crawford, PhD student, CSM

A wolf sculpture stares at the camera. Half wolf skin, half stuffedImage credit: ‘Inert’  by Nicholas Galanin (2009)

What does it mean to use animals in art?
What does this say about our relationship with the natural world?
How can we represent futures in which all natural species co-exist sustainably?

If these questions are of interest, join Richard Crawford (PhD CSM) for “What should art do with animals?” a postgraduate reading group examining the way animals have been used in fashion, fine art, the decorative arts and museum displays.

The group will look at exhibitions, museums, and read selected texts on animal theory and cultural studies and may invite speakers to address these themes.

A pilot meeting will be held:

Thursday 8 November
5pm – 6pm
Library pods
Central Saint Martins
Kings Cross, N1C 4AA

Here we will discuss the program for the year and decide on suitable venues for our meetings.
It is proposed that we meet regularly each term at a time and place that suits the members of the reading group.

Contact: Richard Crawford for more information, or to express your interest in attending

Richard Crawford‘s research topic is: “Why have museums of natural history shown contemporary artist’s taxidermy in the period after 2000?”