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Reporting on the Pop Up Common Room with Tim Smith: Queering di Teknolojik and other work

Tim Smith answering student questions
Tim Smith answering student questions

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Post-Grad Community
Published date
22 January 2020
A still from Tim Smith's film Queering di Teknolojik

On Wednesday 15 January 2020, Tim Smith presented a selection of his short films to UAL students. This was an opportunity for all to exchange around the themes approached in Tim’s work as well as question how we can best combine research with practice.

Tim's practice-based PhD research focuses on developing a queer/feminist understanding of sound, memory, voice, affect, temporality, spectrality and subjectivity, in relation to audiovisual artwork.

Tim has had his new film Queering di Teknolojik selected for the BFI London Film Festival and has been nominated for the Best Short Film Award. He will be presenting this alongside other works which constitute the body of practice for his PhD.

The work presented drew on theory around haptic aurality which is central to Tim’s work, but also expanded to other aspects of queer and feminist theory. The screening demonstrated the evolution of those ideas through the practice, and showed how the film making became research in itself. Tim’s final film “Queering di Teknolojik” is a message from a more hopeful future which has been shaped by today’s activists, urging us to keep fighting, making and loving.  The conversation which followed the screening allowed us to take these ideas further and question how we could apply them to our own practice today.

Tim Smith speaking to the students at the Pop up common room

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