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Reporting on the LCC Postgraduate Showcase 2021

image of gallery exhibition install from above
  • Written byPost-Grad Community
  • Published date29 November 2021
image of gallery exhibition install from above
Image credit: Tara Susa, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, London College of Comunication (2021)

Written by Post-Grad Community Ambassador Joana Nunes - MA Interaction Design at London College of Communication (LCC) reporting on the LCC Postgraduate Showcase 2021

The LCC Postgraduate Showcase launched last week presenting a hybrid showcase space. Participating postgraduate students have been uploading their work to the cross-campus UAL Online Showcase Platform. The online platform, which earned its place as the key tool for promotion of student’s work over the previous academic year, is still proving to bring global engagement and visibility to our students’ work whilst times shift.

As work continues to be uploaded until the 15 December 2021, it is worth exploring the growing online collections that encompass themes such as gender, the digital world, care politics and critical zones; or simply browse through the individual projects and portfolios that populate the platform.

screenshot of a pc working on uploading images to online software

The BIG news this academic year, however, is that the LCC Postgraduate Showcase is extending beyond the Online Showcase and opening up a limited onsite Physical Showcase for a few participating courses. The Physical Showcase opened in conjunction with the Online Showcase, on the 24th November, and will be running until the 11th December, having the gallery spaces on rotation between the Media School (24th – 27th Nov) and the Design & Screen School (7th – 11th Dec).

These Showcases are to be complemented by a programme of events happening both online and in-person, including screenings, panel discussions and exhibition tours. Visitors to the onsite Showcase and events programme can book timed entry slots via Eventbrite.

These have been really exciting news for students such as myself, as we become less limited by a solely-online presentation and are able to build ambitious projects to take into account a physical audience and space. Walking through the campus over the past couple weeks has been an almost unreal experience; the walls gain a bit more colour, the students take over the gallery spaces, the exhibition begin to take shape, the campus opens up and for a moment we can grasp this new normal as we can once more celebrate everyone’s work in real life!

image of gallery exhibition install from above
Image credit: Tara Susa, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, London College of Comunication (2021)

For me, this was also a moment of realisation for the incredible dialogue that is created within the exhibition spaces, as the diversity of the work pulls us into these different narratives, and we can (re)discover the campus as we wander through. The Media School’s showcase, which finished last Saturday 27th, was the perfect example of this, bringing together the work of our MA Photography, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography students.

Climate change, conspiracy theories, dislocated bodies, geopolitics, are some of the themes brought forward in this shared space, emphasising artistic practice as an important tool for documenting, questioning and creating (new) realities.

collage of photos and work

Coming up in a week is the beginning of the Design & Screen School Showcase, which I am very honoured to be a part of through my course MA Interaction Design. I would like to invite those interested to our showcase “Visceral Realities” which is bringing together the voice of 20 students through exciting new media work, experimental installation and performance.

“Visceral Realities” pulls from the creative critical space the students have been exploring throughout the course, bringing forward practices of design fiction, design futures and other realities in between. The exhibition will be taking over LCC’s Well Gallery, extending to a few areas on the Design block.

exhibition poster

The line-up from the other Schools also bring so much exciting promise, with the Screen School planning their film screening events, and the Design School preparing to build their installations throughout the campus; make sure to book your place!

More information and behind-the-scenes insights on “Visceral Realities” and the LCC Physical Showcase make sure you are following the Post-Grad Community’s Instagram @ual_postgrad_community - we will be doing a takeover!

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