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Introducing the Post-Grad Community Ambassadors 2021-2022

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  • Published date 04 November 2021
Post-Grad Community

UAL is home to more than 2,400 postgraduate students working across the fields of art, design, screen, communication, fashion, media and performance.  Within our six world-renowned colleges, we aim to form a creative network of artists, designers and innovators.

Post-Grad Community is an inclusive platform for UAL postgraduate students to share work, find opportunities and connect with other creatives within the University and beyond.

Ambassadors assist with the platform's social media channels, help deliver and innovate sociable online/face to face, extra curricular events and act a point of contact for the Post-Grad Community across colleges and courses.

Meet our new Team of Ambassadors:

Astrid Morand (LCF Post-Grad Community Ambassador)
Astrid Morand (LCF Post-Grad Community Ambassador)

Astrid Morand (LCF)

MA Costume Design for Performance, London College of Fashion

Hi everyone, my name is Astrid and I am from France. I am passionate about costume making and I am very proud to study in the MA Costume Design for Performance.

I really enjoy my experience at UAL and I wanted to be more involved in the post graduate community, that's why I am more than happy to be part of this team! I am really looking forward to organise events and projects to bring people together, especially after such a difficult time with covid. I think it is very important to meet people from different courses and different sites, so I can't wait to meet you all.

Chalisa Intisarn (LCC Post-Grad Community Ambassador)

Chalisa Intisarn (LCC)

MA Service Design, London College of Communication

Hello,  My name is Best (Chalisa),  I’m originally from Thailand, a place where the sun always shines. I have a background in global studies & social entrepreneurship. I enjoy taking long walks, exploring the city and eating Thai food.

I'm very pleased to be here and looking forward to taking part in projects and organising fun activities within our post-grad community. I’m also very excited to develop my skills as well as to learn some new skills from post-grad ambassadors from different colleges whilst working as an ambassador.

I would love to bring fun and joy to our community and more importantly to support fellow post-grad students on creating our best experiences here at UAL.

photo portrait of student
Hayley Caine

Hayley Caine

MA Materials Futures, Central Saint Martins

I am passionate about regenerative practices, gardening and how soil could be one of the answers to mitigate climate change. I also work as a freelance fashion and food stylist across editorial, advertising and celebrity.

photo portrait of student
Joana Nunes

Joana Nunes

MA Interaction Design, London College of Communication

My work is very research based, I focus on the relationships between humans and machines, exploring the realm of computer-generated imagery.

Marina Maluf Tasca (CCW Post-Grad Community Ambassador)

Marina Maluf Tasca (CCW)

MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts

Hi, I’m Marina, from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m happy to be your Post-Grad Student Ambassador for the next term!

I hope we can engage both online and on-site to build a network for mutual support.

Some of the things I hope to facilitate are: covering events and keeping you informed of what’s going on, making interviews with artists, gathering groups to attend exhibitons and organizing workshops so that we can meet and work together at points!

Rijul Narwal (LCC Post-Grad Community Ambassador))

Rijul Narwal (LCC)

MA Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures

Hi, I am Rijul Narwal from India. Being an international student, I take pride in the variety of cultural and social experiences that I carry forward with me as I move to London.

It is crucial for me to be an active member of the community as moving to a new place can be daunting, and it is essential to have a strong sense of support and association. I have been there myself a couple of times, and that is why I take pride in making people feel comfortable in new environments.

I am interested in the ways this role can help me grow personally and professionally. I am excited to meet and work with new people from different disciplines.

man wearing har standing against a brick wall
Sonny Thaker (LCF Post-Grad Community Ambassador)

Sonny Thaker (LCF)

MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion, London College of Fashion

Hello, I ams both Canadian and British and love the multicultural  atmosphere across UAL.

Most recently I was an executive coach where I focused on using a scientific approach to help leaders and creatives discover their behavioural strengths and transform their potential into performance. Having also worked extensively in the Fashion Industry buying and wholesaling for brands like Esprit, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger I am now fascinated and focused on all things Metaverse & Digital Fashion.

During my time serving the student body, I hope to co-create some interesting opportunities and event(s) for students from different UAL Post-Grad disciplines and  different UK or International Universities will be able to collaborate. I envision a problem solving event where students will examine a challenge presented by the Metaverse and collaborate to present unique, creative and potential solutions.

I really look forward to meeting each one of you and I am always ready to talk about what the Future holds.

Yuline Huang (CSM Post-Grad Community Ambassador)

Yulin Huang

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

Hello! I am very excited to work with the Post-Grad Community again this year and hope to be very involved with proposing as well as reporting on the wide variety of events in the future!

I aim to open up more conversations across the post-grad courses through the podcast I currently host, PG Tips.

Getting in touch

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