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Post-Grad Interest Group: Candid

A person sitting on the floor leaning over various photographs
A person sitting on the floor leaning over various photographs
Tabitha Gammer, Photo by Tabitha Gammer
| Photograph: Tabitha Gammer
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Post-Grad Community
Published date
08 November 2022

Candid is a crit group for UAL students whose creative practices involve candid imagery. We explore the aesthetics of figuration, specifically the use of ‘raw’ material in contemporary art.

There isn’t a single book or article in the library catalogue on the candid as a theme/idea in visual culture. The purpose of this group is to provide context for individuals for whom candid imagery forms a significant, but perhaps underappreciated, aspect of their practice. Through critique we build new connections and collaborate to create an audience for the touching, sometimes provocative, work being produced from this field of interest.

As a topic the candid raises questions surrounding chance, ethics and authenticity. We discuss methods and methodologies for acquiring candid material and the inherent controversy of working in this way. Conversations can centre around truth, intimacy and the unique position of the artist to convey these things through the unposed. Due to little research coverage, the language in this area is underdeveloped; discussion may lead us to new terminology to describe the theory behind physical works.

What to expect

You can join the group at any point in the year.

Members usually present figurative work, however this doesn’t necessarily mean visual. Listed below are examples of the kind of pieces that would be relevant to the group to give an idea of the breadth of media that can convey the candid:

  • A photo taken informally, perhaps without the subject’s knowledge
  • A painting in which subjects are acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed
  • Writing detailing a real-life conversation
  • A film or sound recording of a crowd of people

Candid meets every other week. Everyone is welcome to present their work or just listen and be a part of the discussion. The sessions usually last around an hour and a half.

Our plans

Candid will primarily be a crit group. However, there may occasionally be artist talks or film screenings.

The first meeting will take place on Monday 21 November 2022 at Central Saint Martins. More details can be found here.

What we expect from you

We expect our members to participate by RSVPing for the activities, showing up, and offering their feedback during the discussions.

Get in touch if interested

If you’d like to join, get in touch with Tabitha Gammer by email at Please include your name and a few sentences about your practice in relation to the candid.

Group leaders

The Candid group is lead by Tabitha Gammer, a MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy student based at Central Saint Martins.

Post-Grad Interest Groups

UAL’s Post-Grad Community supports a growing number of issue-specific, cross-disciplinary interest groups led by postgraduate students and academics.

​These groups connect creatives with shared research/practice interests across different specialisms and subject areas.

PhD students have launched interest groups in the past to coincide with exhibitions and symposiums that they have organised under the same theme. Students have also used Interest Groups as a working group towards research or a standalone event or series.

Visit the Post-Grad Interest Group Directory to find more groups or learn how to set up your own!

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