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Open Call for collaborators - Roads of Dialogue project

ROD text over image of packing crate
ROD text over image of packing crate

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Post-Grad Community
Published date
23 February 2020

Eléonor De Pesters, MA Narrative Environments student at Central Saint Martins has been in touch with the Post-Grad Community Team to discuss her upcoming Major project.  We found that there was opportunity for her to collaborate with students from other disciplines to enrichen her proposal installation, documentation/communication and professional staging.

ROD text over image of packing crate

An Open Call : Roads of Dialogue

Hello, I am Eléonor De Pesters and ‘Roads of Dialogue’ is a curatorial initiative, developed as part of my MA in Narrative Environments studies at CSM, which aims to give artists a physical space to share their work outside institutional walls while engaging new audiences to connect with contemporary creation.

It takes the shape of a pop-up public pavilion designed for creative exploration and public discussions around artists' works. Celebrating contemporary artistic creation, the project wants to highlight the human qualities of arts and reveal it as an inspiring space of dialogue for positive change.

Promoting a more democratic access to contemporary arts, Roads of Dialogue is conceived as an artist book: inviting the audience to explore usually non-exhibited contents – glimpse into the backstage of creation – while offering emerging creatives a stage to speak of their work and the issues they address to an extended audience.

Would you like to be part of this project – by presenting your work, helping in the production, or press covering the event?

Potential collaborators:

  • 1 post-grad or alumni (artist, designers or cross-disciplinary) with a future-oriented practice evolving around sustainability, community or diversity. The project will involve sharing materials from your creative research (such as drawings, samples, notes, etc).
  • 1 documentary filmmaker
  • 1 journalist
  • Set designers to advise/assist me with the design and overall set up or the pavilion

Interested?  Please email me at