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Garden quarantine installation

bricks on glass plates on top of grass
bricks on glass plates on top of grass
Garden Quarantine by Lizzie Cardozo - MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of ArtsLizzie Cardozo - MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts
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Post-Grad Community
Published date
14 April 2020

Written by Lizzie Cardozo - MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts for Walls in Online Places

Garden quarantine installation 2020, made with found materials in isolation.

Materials: double glazed glass, found bricks and rocks.

9 in isolation” garden sculpture talks about isolation and the current social distancing we are all experiencing. The human condition is embedded in this piece. The rocks and bricks are stand-ins for the body, they hold gravity, weight and are charged with their own history and time.

They rocks rest on top of the glass pieces, which act as a protective layer between them and the grass floor they are compressing. This protective layer creates a barrier between elements and stops cross contamination. Moreover, the space between the rocks emphasises not only the space between the floor but also the space between one-another. The edges of the glass are never crossed, framing the bricks in an invisible prison. The glass pieces are double glazed; enforcing more protective layers between the bodies which lay on top and the world which lays beneath.

The grid like framework could also be commenting on our existence in society, systems and the government. This is an ongoing piece, as the days pass during this isolation period the rocks will block the sunlight reaching the grass and in turn the grass will change colour due to its deprivation of light. This process may be emulating the long journey society has ahead once this phase is over and hopefully the grass will be green again soon.


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