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Everything Happens So Much

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Published date 10 October 2018

by Kim Judge, MA Applied Imagination, CSMEverything Happens So much

Kim Judge (MA Applied Imagination, CSM) has been working on Everything Happens So Much at LCC. Here she shares a taster of what you can expect to discover at the exhibition.

Everything Happens So Much – where the paradigms of intellectuals are changed. Where velocity is more than speed and distance. It triggers the sound and transcendent nature of language that helps to generate complex networks. It is where collaboration becomes continuous, in thought and execution. Where the future of government and social engagement are theorised alongside technological advances.

At LCC, the London Design Festival exhibition has provoked a lot of questions! But throughout our psycho-geographical and academic journeys at UAL; we are asked to take risks, form questions, experiment and investigate. The powerful pathways of WHO, WHAT and HOW lend the researcher the linguistics foundations to explore the unknown.

Human Everything happens so much because; it does, because the world spins on its axis; because humans want to tackle social indifferences; or because the Design School Manifesto is coercing us subconsciously to lend our efforts to more enhanced creative and collaborative work. Perhaps if this is partially true; hopefully we can aim to influence disciplinary boundaries.

The architectures of choices are toyed with in the perceptive stimuli of this exhibition. It allows a magnitude of inquisitive plexuses to spark creative interrogations; which may be part of series that shapes our future.

‘Everything Happens So Much’ – open until 17th October at LCC