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Art for the Environment Residency at LABVERDE: Art Immersion Program in the Amazon

Sunset at the Balbina Dam (photos by Yifeat Ziv)
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Post-Grad Community
Published date
11 February 2020

The Art for the Environment Residency Programme (AER) provides current UAL postgraduates and recent alumni (within 12 months) the opportunity to apply for a 2 to 4 week residency at one of our internationally renowned host institutions, to explore concerns that define the 21st century – biodiversity, environmental sustainability, social economy and human rights.

Founded in 2015, internationally acclaimed artist Professor Lucy Orta, UAL Chair of Art for the Environment – Centre for Sustainable Fashion, launched the programme in partnership with international residency programmes and UAL Post-Grad Community.

LABVERDE: Art Immersion Program in the Amazon

Residency dates: 29 July to 7 August 2020

Application deadline: 16 March 2020 (Midnight)

About the host: LABVERDE: Art Immersion Program in the Amazon was created to strengthen the limits of art through a broad array of experiences, knowledge sets and cultural perspectives involving art, science and nature. The program’s main goal is to promote artistic creation through a constructive debate about environmental issues supported by theory, data and life experiences in the Amazon rainforest.  The LABVERDE Program is a Ten-day immersion in the Amazon Forest to be inspired by nature and to produce cultural artwork, mediated by a team of specialist.

AER Residency Programme overview: The journey starts in an ecological Reserve in the heart of the Amazon Forest and involves an intensive schedule of expeditions and site visits to discover different scales and perspectives of the rainforest along with the mediation of specialists in arts, philosophy, biology, ecology and natural science. Life experience and theory will be integrated into 10 days of intensive activities. A schedule of expeditions, lectures, workshops, presentations and seminars to enhance creativity, having nature as a common ground.  Participants will find out about life dynamics and environment phenomena, by learning bioacoustics, botany, entomology, dendrochronology and the history of the Amazon forest. We hope the network exchange and the knowledge sets will foster a critical notion about climate change and the human impacts on the Anthropocene.

After the program, participants will be able to improve their own creative content, reflect on the role of art engaging social-ecological behavior and be part of an international and transdisciplinary network focus on environmental justice.

The Program will take place in two main Research Centers: Ecological Reserves and a Floating Station.  Ecological Reserves: Ten thousand hectares of primary rainforest dedicated to scientific research with hosting infrastructure, laboratory, auditorium, walking trails and climate tower. The reserve is a closed area under the administration of INPA.  Floating Station: A Regional Boat to give access to coastal communities and aquatic ecosystems around Amazon River, in the Low Black River Zone. The program is open to Visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers, curator and other cultural makers. Further details can be found here

AER Residency opportunity with LABVERDE includes:

  • 10-day residency
  • LABVERDE fee
  • Curator mentoring and feedback
  • Meals, accommodation, entrance to Reserve + Botanical Garden, lecture + expedition fees and all transfers during the program
  • A round trip flight to Manaus (cap £1,200) and transfer to the meeting point of the program (Manaus harbour)
  • UAL grant of £500 on completion of residency and final report

Criteria: Applications accepted from UAL postgraduates (MA and PhD) and recent alumni (within 12 months from graduation) only.

Please Note: Successful applicants will be responsible for (i) arranging and booking their own travel to and from the place of the AER Residency in accordance with guidance provided in the application call-outs or by AER administration team and (ii) arranging visas or other travel documentation as may be necessary as well as health and travel insurance. Successful applicants will be required to sign an appropriate UAL AER Residency Agreement which governs applicant’s participation on the Residency prior to the commencement of the Residency. All successful applicants shall receive a copy of the UAL AER Residency agreement following a formal confirmation on the grant of Residency.


Useful Links

AER Team
  • Professor Lucy Orta: AER Founder, UAL Chair of Art and the Environment, Centre for Sustainable Fashion
  • Camilla Palestra: AER Associate Curator, Centre for Sustainable Fashion
  • Fiona McKay AER Coordinator, Centre for Sustainable Fashion
  • Abigail Fletcher: UAL Post-Grad Community Coordinator

For enquiries, please email UAL Post-Grad Community