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'Insert Witty Project Title'

A screen shot frpm a video featuring a 'Reamin' protest
A screen shot frpm a video featuring a 'Reamin' protest
by Gala Knörr, CSM MA Fine Art Alumni
Written by
Gala Knörr
Published date
02 April 2019

Gala Knörr (MA Fine Art, CSM alumni) shares with the Post-Grad Community an insight into her recent exhibition and project for the Festival de Arte Contemporáneo of the Universidad de Granada in Granada.

The exhibition will be running until April 14 2019 at the Centro Cultural CajaGranada Museo Memoría de Andalucía.

'A meme is an idea that spreads virally within the virtual sphere, becoming now the symbol of online culture. It is able to encompass the entire globe, as well as an infinite spectrum of beliefs, phenomena, language and events that can be contained within an image. Memes act as interconnectors and carriers of cultural ideas, practices, criticisms and comments that can be disseminated from person to person, acquiring different trans-geographical meanings, generally through the use of humour. Many consider them a cultural equivalent of genes in the sense that they reproduce, change and react to selective currents.

Based on the global phenomenon that memes have generated in the last decades, Gala Knörr presents 'Insert Witty Project Title', a project conceived as a postcolonial strategy in which, through humour and the re-appropriation of images, we can generate through artistic creation, reflections that explore the associative nature of these within consumer culture, the capitalization of social movements and the representation of diversity in the media.

A collaborative audio piece was created with Hugo Carretero, Associate Professor of the Department of Behavioral Science Methodologies at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universidad de Granada. The piece, downloadable during the exhibition and accessible online, is an spontaneous conversation between the artist and Hugo Carretero, tackling the use of humour in art from a science perspective, and the effects humour has had socially with the exponential growth of the use of social media, memes and the internet.'


Gala Knörr was the recipient of the 2017 Basque Artist Program Grant from The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New York, and currently is the Artist-in-Residence at the Centre for Postcolonial Studies in Goldsmiths, an exhibition of her residency project is due to take place in London this autumn.