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Pre-sessional student profile: Keun Hee Choi

Pre-sessional student profile: Keun Hee Choi. Image credit: Spoon Shao
Written by
Becca Fowles
Published date
28 February 2022

Choi studied Pre-sessional English at UAL in 2021 and shares her experience of the course. She is now studying her Masters in Innovation Management, at Central Saint Martins.

What are your favorite memories from your Pre-sessional English course?

It was an opportunity to improve not only my English language, but also experience British culture and academic skills to help me succeed at my Masters.

Tell us about your Pre-sessional English tutors, what were they like?

I was taught by Stephen and Jay. They helped me a lot. The skill set I was trained in includes: writing essays, preparing presentations, note-taking, lecture and seminar listening skills, as well as practicing conversation and relevant vocabularly.

What were you classmates like?

Our class was all masters students, so we shared similar challenges and goals which was great. One of my Pre-sessional classmates is on the same masters as me now!

Did you take part in any extra activities outside of your Pre-sessional classes, like Art Club?

Yes, I joined Art Club! Not only did it help me finish my final presentation with confidence, but it was also a great opportunity to meet students from other classes, see their artwork and develop critical thinking.

The odyssey of language, created by Choi, Pre-sessional Art Club 2021

What are you studying now? How did Pre-sessional English prepare you for your main course?

Now I'm studying MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins. The Pre-sessional course taught me a lot, and not just about English! We also learnt how to do Harvard Referencing, write essays, prepare presentations, listen to lectures, do gist reading - and a lot more.

Do you have any tips for future Pre-sessional English students at UAL?

I found it challenging after starting my Masters: long lectures, team projects with native speakers, daily conversations, adapting more to UK life. So I would suggest not focusing only on passing the Pre-sessional course itself, but doing more training such as listening to lectures, reading a lot of articles and books, writing essays, and trying to have daily conversations in English. The pre-sessional course is well designed for a practical approach so that you can adapt well to the main course. Please prepare well and enjoy your UAL life!

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