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New Assessment Criteria

New Assessment Criteria
New Assessment Criteria
New Assessment Criteria
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Internal Communications
Published date
20 September 2019

What are the UAL Assessment Criteria?

The UAL Assessment Criteria are a set of standards against which the work that you submit is measured. The Assessment Criteria are applied to your work to help you understand what has been accomplished, how the grade you are given was arrived at, and how you can improve your work in the future.

Why are the Assessment Criteria changing?

Following feedback from our staff and students, we have amended the UAL Assessment Criteria to make them simpler and easier to understand. This change is supported and welcomed by your Students’ Union (Arts SU), and staff across all UAL colleges. The new criteria are not designed to make your course easier or harder, they will simply support your learning in a more transparent way.

What will be different?

Your work will now be marked against five different criteria: enquiry, knowledge, process, communication and realisation, which are explained in the above film. Please take time to think about these five criteria. Use them to help guide your learning, and ask your tutor how to make them work for you. A small number of courses will continue using the previous marking criteria until the course is completed. Refer to your course handbook on Moodle for confirmation of the criteria being used for your assessment.

More information

To find out more about Assessment Regulations, how to submit work, and what happens if you fail an assessment, visit the Assessment page on our website, or speak to your tutor.

Guidance documents

Undergraduate Year 1 - Level 4 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 94KB)

Undergraduate Year 2 - Level 5 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 94KB)

Undergraduate Year 3 - Level 6 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 95KB)

Postgraduate - Level 7 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 94KB)

Previous Assessment Criteria:

Undergraduate Marking Criteria Matrix (PDF 124KB)

Postgraduate Marking Criteria Matrix (PDF 67KB) ‌