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Consent training

  • Written byInternal Communications
  • Published date 08 January 2021

What's it about?

An updated training course in sexual consent for students is now available online, which you can access from the Academic Support online pages.

Trigger warning

Please be aware when sharing / accessing this course that the module includes scenarios that discuss rape and sexual assault.

The course reinforces the message that enthusiastic sexual consent (both giving and getting) is a crucial part of all sexual interactions and contributes to respectful, equal and fulfilling relationships.

At UAL we are committed to promoting a positive consent culture and raising awareness of support both within and outside the University. No one ever deserves to experience any form of sexual violence or harassment and it is never the survivor’s fault.

This short online training module aims to start a conversation about what sexual consent means and challenge myths surrounding sexual violence. You will learn about consent, consent myths, how to tackle rape culture and where you can find support.

If you need support

We would recommend the following list of services for more information, or if you need specialist and confidential support from both within or outside UAL:

UAL's policy on sexual violence

UAL Counselling service

Haven's (medical and health support for survivors of sexual violence)

Rape crisis