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Colour of the Climate Crisis

Colour of the Climate Crisis
Colour of the Climate Crisis
Artwork provided by Do the Green Thing
Written by
Abbi Fletcher
Published date
10 September 2021

A ground breaking exhibition exploring the relationship between racial justice and climate justice by Do The Green Thing

In November, the COP26 UN Climate Summit will see leaders from around the world coming together to establish consensus and goals to secure a positive climate future, 'uniting the world to tackle climate change'. But the climate crisis continues to divide.

Climate change worsens societal inequalities already shaped by racism. It is Black people, Indigenous people and people of colour who disproportionately experience the impact of climate change, including floods, lack of potable water, extreme weather, air pollution and poverty. It is the countries causing the fewest emissions that suffer the most.

Responding to a Do The Green Thing opinion piece by journalist-activist of colour Minnie Rahman, and launching November 1st for COP26, The Colour of the Climate Crisis will be a powerful exhibition by Black artists and artists of colour, exploring the relationship between race and the climate crisis.​

“The climate crisis is racist because it exists in a system that is racist. Across the world, white people are more protected, secure and safe from the life-threatening impacts of a changing environment.” - Minnie Rahman

This exhibition opportunity is for self-identified Black artists and artists of colour. The exhibition’s visual identity has been created by a Black designer, Gideon Kudjoe. Do The Green Thing's co-founder Naresh Ramchandani is a person of colour and the team is diverse. Based at Pentagram, Do The Green Thing describes itself as 'a public service for the planet that uses creativity to tackle climate change'. Their powerful recent exhibition, 'Man-Made Disaster', explored the relationship between gender and climate action.

An invitation to participate in the exhibition

You are invited to submit work to The Colour of the Climate Crisis.

You can submit a new work or relevant existing work in any media.

12 Artists will be selected for Phase 1 of the exhibition, to be hosted online during COP26 (1 - 12 November).

8 more artworks will be chosen for the London and New York gallery exhibitions in 2022.

Do The Green Thing will compensate every exhibited artist with a stipend of £500.

You can:

  • Respond to one of the six creative starting points detailed in the brief (pages 12-13)
  • Respond to research provided in the annex (pages 14-19)
  • Respond from any other angle that interests you
  • How to submit

The deadline for submissions for is Sunday 3 October 2021, 5pm GMT

Before submitting: Please read the full submission details [PDF 2833 KB].

When submitting your work, please include:
  • Your name
  • Course and College
  • One digital high-resolution file (16-bit TIFF or JPEG, RGB, 300 dpi) of the artwork via WeTransfer / Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Title of work, media, format
  • Statement (max 300 words)
  • Bio / CV (max 300 words)
  • Links to online presence

*If your work is physical and needs digitising, please contact us to arrange photography or filming before 24 September 2021, 5pm GMT

If you have any questions about this opportunity or any require any support with your submission, please contact

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