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Staying safe in your accommodation

Exterior shot of Emily Bowes Court hall of residence

Staying safe in your accommodation

Moving into Halls of Residence or private accommodation is an exciting step, and we want you to enjoy your independence. Find out how to access support from Halls staff if you need it.


  • Try to be aware of anyone attempting to follow you into your building (commonly described as tailgating) unless they have their own key.
  • Due to the pandemic, we currently have a no guest policy in Halls of Residence.
  • We recommend not propping open your flat door, both for security and fire safety.
  • Try to look out for your neighbours and flatmates.

Your property

  • It's a good idea to lock your bedroom door and windows when going out or going to sleep.
  • Try to keep your valuables out of sight if you are leaving your room.
  • Register your property on Immobilise and mark your valuables with a UV pen to further increase the chance of them being recovered if stolen or missing.

Access support

  • If you feel uncomfortable about any activity in or nearby your halls, you can report it to halls staff who are here to help. You can also email Halls Reps.
  • If you think items may have been stolen from your halls of residence, speak to halls staff. Report any stolen bank cards to your bank immediately.
  • If you would like to speak with a trained counsellor for support, free, one-to-one, confidential counselling is available to all UAL students.
  • Students can also use the Tell Someone service to report racism, bullying, harassment or sexual violence and access support.