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Streetstyle 25 podcasts

Streetstyle 25 is a series of 4 podcasts created by London College of Fashion alumna Belinda Naylor to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘Streetstyle: From Sidewalk to Catwalk’, which was exhibited at the V&A in 1994. This series is intended to reveal some of the great stories and insights about fashion, style and subcultures from a diverse panel of guests.

In Fashion Curation we hear curators Amy de la Haye, Roger Burton and Tory Turk talk about their experience of curating fashion exhibitions. Amy and Roger were both key curators of ‘Streetstyle’ at the V&A and we learn how they created this ground-breaking exhibition and its continued impact on contemporary fashion exhibitions.

In Grime, musicians Selassie and Raj Sidhu, curator Tory Turk and photographer Olivia Rose share some lively and honest opinions about Grime not only as a music genre but as a fashion sub-culture.

In Streetstyle Now we meet 3 students studying Fashion Communication at Central Saint Martins. Felix Reitze de la Haye, Margarita Galandina and Jebi Labembika reveal what street style looks like in Cameroon, Russia and the UK and why class continues to permeate fashion.

In Black Streetstyle, creative director and stylist Harris Elliott and LCF PhD student Lorraine Harris discuss some of the cultural, historical and political meanings around the British Black community and why what you wear to church is as important as what you wear to go clubbing.