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#CreativityCounts: UAL Awarding Body Annual Conference 2018

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Published date 06 February 2018

A huge thank you to everyone who attended UAL Awarding Body’s Annual Conference at Shoreditch Town Hall this year (February 2).

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Like last year, UAL Awarding Body brought all of its subjects together first thing, before separating for subject-specific breakout sessions in the afternoon.

Delegates from Art & Design, Music, Fashion, Foundation Studies, Creative Media and Performing Arts kicked off the day with Triple Double’s Paul Jenkins – who spoke about the importance of learning to fail.

Paul was followed by Schools Week’s Laura McInerney – who discussed what the psychology of politicians means for education.

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

“Are there thousands of jobs in design? Maybe not,” asked Paul. “Are there hundreds of thousands of problems to solve? YES!”

Laura, also a columnist for The Guardian, began by pointing out that “in 73 years, not a single education secretary studied a creative subject for their degree”.

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Next up, guests were treated to a mix of presentations and performances from the talented students at Rotherham College, Birmingham Metropolitan College, Academy of Contemporary Music, and Birmingham Metropolitan College.

Other guest speakers included Rizing Games founder Michael Warburton, graphic designer Simon Wild, Touretteshero co-founder Jess Thom, freelance makeup artist Phoebe Walters, as well as Matias Shortcook (Associate Dean, Plymouth College of Art) and Dr Amy Mallett (Cohere Professional Development), who ended the event on a high with her speech: ‘Creativity changing lives’.

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Thanks again to all of our guest speakers. Check out the full list of speakers, students, performers and guests below.

Please click this link to view the available speaker presentations.

Note: The link and presentations will expire in one month, so please download if you want to keep them on file or view them in the future.


Paul Jenkins: ‘Learning to fail’

Laura McInerney: ‘The psychology of politicians – and what it means for creative education’

Dr Amy Mallett/Sarah Lewis/Ron Frost: ‘Creativity Changing Lives’

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Art & Design

Matt Moseley: Yearly catch-up

Simon Wild: ‘Becoming the master of two worlds – using professional experience to create projects that tell stories and build journeys’

Phoebe Walters: ‘Becoming a freelance makeup artist’

Dominic Green: The student experience

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Creative Media Production & Technology

Lucy Sankey-Warner: Yearly catch-up

Neeraj Kainth: The student experience

Michael Warburton: ‘Real-world learning – starting an educational based commercial enterprise’

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Performing & Production Arts

Marc Mollica: Yearly catch-up

Luke Harriot: The student experience

Jess Thom: ‘Touretteshero’

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Music Performance & Production

Andy Sankey: Yearly catch-up

Lauren Walton/Christie Norbuch: The student experience

Andy Ellis/Stuart Belsham: ‘PRSfM – how songwriters and composers get paid’

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Fashion Business & Retail

Justine Head: Yearly catch-up

Katie Williams: FBR delivery

Nikita Agapovaite: The student experience

Paul Jenkins: ‘Designing a new fashion store, from the shoebox up’

Photo credit: James Hopkirk

Foundation Studies (FAD)

Sue Cook: Yearly catch-up

Suzanne Archer: ‘Thinking for the future’

Matias Shortcook: ‘The character project’